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Breast engorgement is one of the most common breast feeding problems faced by women. Read and know more about the causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of this disorder.

What is Breast Engorgement?

Breast engorgement is a condition where breasts of new mothers become full of milk resulting in pain and inflammation. This problem is quite common during the first few weeks after delivery. During this period, the colostrum changes to mature milk and as a result the breasts of the affected woman become full of milk. In case the extra milk of a woman is not consumed by her baby due to any reason, it can result in breast engorgement.

Expressive language disorder (ELD) is a childhood condition that reportedly affects round 3-10% of all children of school-going age. Read to know more about the causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of this disorder.

What is Expressive Language Disorder?

It is a communication disorder that is generally observed in childhood. Children suffering from this condition face difficulties in verbal and written communication. They have limited vocabulary and are also unable to communicate well with other children.

This condition is also referred to as Expressive Language Impairment.

Are you finding it increasingly difficult to stare at light, even dim bulbs? Are you also suffering from extreme dryness in your eyes? You could be having Ocular rosacea, a discomforting eye disorder. Read and know more about this ophthalmologic condition including its symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatment.

Ocular rosacea Definition

It is an inflammatory condition of the eye and eyelids that is associated with rosacea, a dermatological (skin-related) disorder characterized by chronic redness of the face. It is manifested by small lesions that can cause persistent burning or lumpy feeling in the eyes.

Do you have a habit of clenching or grinding your teeth too often? Watch out, for these may be the signs of Syndrome. Read and know all about this dental disorder, including its causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

Cracked tooth syndrome Definition

It is a condition characterized by the development of small cracks on teeth, which are too minute to be detected by X-rays. In some cases, the cracks remain hidden under the gums. Technically, this dental disorder is defined as a plain fracture of unknown depth and apparently unnoticeable direction.

Penicillin VK is a penicillin antibiotic that acts by inhibiting the bacterial wall synthesis. Read and know all about this drug including its uses, dosage, interactions and side effects.

What is Penicillin VK?

Penicillin VK is the brand name of Penicillin V Potassium. The “K” in its name stands for potassium and the addition of potassium results in better solubility and absorption in the body.

Some other common names of the antibiotic are Veetids, Beepen-VK, Pen-Vee K.