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Elephantitis of the balls

You must have heard the term “Elephantitis”? It is a dreaded condition that affects many people across the world and was often regarded as a curse in olden days. Read on to know more about this disease.

Elephantitis (Elephantiasis)

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Ever seen a man with a huge, swollen up scrotum? That is a case of Elephantitis of the balls. The condition is actually called “Elephantiasis” which is commonly misspelt as “Elephantitis”. The disease affects approximately 120 million people across the world and is more prevalent in tropical and sub-tropical regions. The disorder affects various parts of the body like head, trunk and breast. Arms, legs and groin are, however, the main body regions that it affects.

Elephantitis is mainly of two types, “Lymphatic Filariasis” and “Non-Filarial Elephantitis”. This terrible disease can disfigure and disable a person for life.

Elephantitis  Symptoms

Elephantitis is characterized by a number of symptoms which often make the diagnosis of the condition more difficult. This is because many of the symptoms of Elephantitis are similar to those exhibited by patients suffering from similar diseases. Many of the Elephantitis symptoms are not so visible in the early stages but become more prominent in a patient with advancing years.

Some of the common symptoms of Elephantitis are :


This is the most visible symptom of Elephantitis. When a person suffers from this condition, there is severe swelling in the affected area. In most patients, there is a huge swelling in the lower body parts such as the legs or the groin. Testicular Elephantitis, also informally known as “Elephantitis of the nuts” or “Elephantitis in the balls” is the worst a person suffering from the condition has to endure.

Enlarged Lymph Nodes

The person also suffers from swollen lymph nodes.


Most sufferers experience acute pain in the affected body part. This happens due to the natural reaction of the body to the allergens.


The patients may sweat more than usual which can lead to much discomfort.


In many cases, the person also suffers from headaches. This is also caused by allergic reaction of the body.


The affected person often suffers from increased body temperature which is accompanied by sweating.


The person may also suffer from chills in the hands and feet which may cause him to shake.


The person may also throw up from time to time which is again, produced by allergic reaction of the body.

Skin Ulcers

Ulcers may also be seen on the skin of the suffering person.

Joint Pain

The person may also suffer from a pain in the joints.

Red Streaks

In many cases, red colored streaks or rashes may also appear in the arms and legs of the person.


The person may also suffer from tiredness which affects his daily functions.


In many sufferers, abscesses are formed in the lymph nodes.