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What is an Itchy Scalp?

An embarrassment which is common to many an adult and adolescent is the urge to itch the scalp which occurs due to several problems such as excessive perspiration, drying of the scalp & other fungal infections. It may also affect infants for a short period of time. All of which can be treated with the help of various natural methods and other medical treatments.

Itchy Scalp Causes

There are a number of causes for an itchy scalp :

  • Dandruff

    Dandruff is cited as the most common cause of an itchy scalp which is triggered by the excessive shedding of the flakes of dead cells owing to an exposure to chilly winters or blazing summers, fungal or yeast infections and a high production of sebum by sebaceous cells. This may lead to the deposition of the flakes of dead cells over the scalp, the ear canal, the eyebrows, the neck and the chest.

  • Sebaceous or Epidermal cyst

    Sebaceous or Epidermal cyst is a kind of cyst formation on the scalp that occurs due to the enlargement of the hair follicles or the blockage of the passage of the oil glands. It may also be caused by an injury or an acne problem. It may also take place in other parts of the body such as the armpits, the neck or at the genitals.

  • Sunburn

    Sunburn which leads to the production of dead cells caused due to the burning of the superficial cells, thus causing a damage to the DNA. A high exposure to the sun causes one to sweat in an excessive manner leading to the itching of the scalp. Excessive itching of the scalp may cause an infection giving rise to a red itchy scalp.

  • Head Lice or Pediculosis Capities

    Head Lice (Pediculosis Capities) is a condition caused by hair louse to try and suck the blood from the scalp giving rise to very itchy conditions. Besides being parasitic in nature, they do lay eggs and make the scalp the breeding ground for millions of them. Further scrathing may cause bacterial infection leading to the swelling of the scalp and the formation of ulcer,thereby aggravating the poor condition.

head lice

Head Lice on head -> Source: TreeHugger

  • Seborrheic Dermatitis

    Seborrheic Dermatitis is a disease caused by a kind of fungus named Malassezia furfur which dwells on the scalp and causes baldness leading to irritation and scaling.It may also be caused by the excessive secretion of oil by the oil glands leading to the inflammation and reddening of the scalp. Those who have more sweat glands are also vulnerable to the disease.A lack of vitamin B, fatty acids or zinc may also cause this disease.