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Seroma after surgery

Troubled at the sight of the tumor-like swelling on your skin? You may be having a Seroma, a collection of lymph tissues. Go through our article on Seroma to know more about this unique medical condition.

Seroma Definition

Medical practitioners generally define Seroma as a post-injury or post-operative condition. The condition is characterized by a bump or swelling formed by a deposit of lymph, that usually arises after a trauma or a surgical operation. The Seroma lumps are filled with a yellowish or white fluid that can be seen around fresh cuts and blisters.

Seromas are generally an after-effect of an injury to the body or some other condition. They are not a threatening condition by themselves, even though they require proper medical care for their treatment.

Causes of Seroma

A lot of factors can give rise to Seroma formation. These include:


Mastectomy or surgical breast removal often leads to this abnormality. The operation is usually carried out to get rid of a malignant tumor in the breast. Seroma after breast surgery happens if the blood vessels of an area near the operated region accidentally suffer damage during surgery. The rupture of the blood cells gives rise to an inflammatory response in the body which releases blood plasma. The blood plasma is a colorless watery liquid of the blood. It usually suspends blood cells like leukocytes, thrombocytes and erythrocytes. This fluid, also known as serous liquid as it contains serum produced by the serous membranes of the body, gets accumulated as lumps under the skin. Seroma after mastectomy is a common condition.

Abdominal Surgery

Many people suffer from Seroma after tummy tuck operation or any other major surgery in the abdomen. This arises if the operated area is not properly treated with antiseptics and sutures. If experienced hands are not involved in performing operation for tummy tuck Seroma may occur.

Plastic Surgery

Seromas may also be seen after an imperfectly conducted plastic surgery on the face. Seromas are usually seen to arise in the neck after facial surgeries. Postoperative Seromas are quite common.

Hernia Surgery

Seroma after Hernia Surgery is also seen in many people. An improper surgery can lead to a development of seroma somewhere near the herniated region.


Seroma after hysterectomy also occurs in a few cases. This happens when the surgical removal of uterus in women is not done properly.

Ceaserian Section

Seroma after C section is also seen in some cases. If the surgery is not done carefully, it may result in Seroma in women who have a Caesarian delivery.


An injury to the body gives rise to similar conditions as in Seroma after surgery. If the body receives a trauma or injury, there is an immediate swelling in the affected region. Similar to a wound Seroma shows an inflammation. The inflammation, however, is generally a result of accumulation of serous fluid. It may also happen due to a collection of dead cells in the region.