Prime health channel Privacy Policy

This is the Privacy Policy of and we make use of Ezoic for the purpose of providing personalization as well as analytical services to all our customers on this website. Henceforth, the Privacy Policy of Ezoic is equally effective in our website, pages, content and all our services.

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Your Data Protection Rights – General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Every individual has all the legal rights to protect their personal data revolving across the web through internet. If you are an inhabitant of the European Economic Area (EEA), a certain set of specially designed data protection rights is created for you and we at look forward to helping you take the reasonable and appropriate steps that permit you to modify, delete, correct and also restrict the use of your Personal Data provided online.

For any queries or doubts, please feel free to contact us, especially if you wish to know more about the details fed into our system regarding your Personal Data. You are free and have every right to have your details and personal data removed entirely from our system and our associated websites.

Find below, a Brief about the Different Data Protection Rights you hold for certain circumstances:

  • Your Right to make use of, update or possibly delete any or all your details from our system: As a user, you hold every right to have an easy and straight access to your Personal Data for the purpose of updation or even deleting any or all of your Personal data, directly from your personal account settings commands. In case you cannot take any of these above mentioned actions, or are forbidden from taking these steps, we request you to please let us assist you through the procedure smoothly. For contacting us, please click HERE.
  • Your Right to Rectify your Personal Data: Based on the set of designed rules, you hold every right to have your Personal Data checked and rectified if in any case you find an inaccuracy or in-complete details in your Personal Data.
  • Your Right to Object against the use of Personal Data: According to the set of regulations designed, you are legally given the right to raise an object to the use of your Personal Data or in our processing of your information.
  • Your Right to Restricting the use of your Personal Data: Based on the rules, this right lets you request us to restrict the use of your personal details and also the processing of the same.
  • Your Right to Data transportation or portability: As per the set of rules, this right allows you the authority to hold a set of copy of your Personal Data which we have stored in our normally used, machine-readable and simple structured format.
  • Your Right to rightfully withdraw your consent: According to this rule, you hold the right to pull away your consent whenever you wish in any situation, also when depended highly on your consent for your the purpose of processing your provided personal data.

Note: When needed, we may ask you for verifying your identity before responding to any of your withdrawal requests.

  • Your Right to Complain about issues to the Data Protection Authority: As per this rule, you hold every right to complain regarding our collection of your data and its varied use. Although, in order to learn more about this, you may write to the European Economic Area’s (EEA) Local Data Protection Authority.

Analytics holds every right to associate with third-party service providers for the purpose of monitoring and analyzing the use of all our provided services.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is one of the most accurate web analytics service designed and provided by Google. The Google Analytics service helps us to track the website traffic to your website and report us about the same. The information collected hereby is directly used by Google to track and monitor the various services offered by us. This data is furthermore shared amongst the various other services offered by Google. Additionally, this details may also be used to contextualize or personalize advertisements appearing within the network.

You, however hold the right to choose out-of the system of providing details on your personal data and registering about your activities over the Google Analytics service by simply installing the opt-out add-on for Google Analytics in your web browser. This add-on henceforth prevents Google Analytics JavaScript from showing your visit activity details with Google Analytics. (JavaScript: analytics.js, dc.js and ga.js)

In case you need more information on the Google Privacy Practices, make sure to visit Google Privacy Terms website at: