Acrochordon – Definition, Symptoms, Treatment and Removal

Troubled at the sight of small tabs jutting out of your skin? You may be suffering from a condition called Acrochordon. Read on to get complete Acrochordon information. Know what is Acrochordon, its causes, symptoms and treatment.

Acrochordon Definition

Acrochordon refers to a benign or non-cancerous small tumor-like mass on the skin surface. It is generally found on regions of the body where the skin folds, such as on the eyelids, armpit, neck and groin.

Doctors typically pronounce Acrochordon as “ak′rō-kōr′don”.

Acrochordon of skin is also known as Fibroepithelial Polyp or Cutaneous Skin Tag.

Acrochordon Appearance

Acrochordon tumors look like little skin tags. These are not larger than a grain of rice though Acrochordons of about half-an-inch have also been seen. In rare cases, Acrochordons of the size of a walnut have also been found. These either have a smooth or an irregular surface.

The Acrochordon tumors are usually elevated over the body surface and may be darker than the skin in the surrounding region. In some people, a small stalk known as the peduncle connects the fleshy growths to the body.

Acrochordon Symptoms

Acrochordon syndrome is mainly characterized by the appearance of fleshy growths, also known as skin tags, over the surface of the body. These are mostly non-itchy and painless. But they can be highly discomforting when appearing in unusual regions of the body. Acrochordons on face and eyelids can affect the appearance of a person. The ends of these growths can often get caught in the jewelry and clothing and cause discomfort and pain. This is the reason why some people go for Acrochordon removal.

In rare cases of Acrochordon cancerous conditions can also be seen.

Acrochordon Causes

It is still unclear what exactly gives rise to Acrochordons. Doctors and medical researchers, however, associate the development of Acrochordons to a variety of factors like :


Acrochordons are believed to arise from stress as these skin tags are often seen in people with stressful jobs. Stress is found to cause a number of health conditions and Acrochordon is supposed to be one of them.

Hormonal Imbalance

Changes in hormone levels are also found to give rise to Acrochordon. Pregnant women, who suffer from hormonal changes, are often found to have Acrochordon skin tags during maternity.


An Acrochordon often consists of fat cells. These are also seen in skin regions that are constantly being rubbed or are under friction. This may be a reason why these skin growths are more common in overweight people. In Acrochordon obesity is believed to be a causative factor.


In Acrochordon diabetes is also believed to be a causative condition. The condition is seen in many diabetic patients.

Crohn’s Disease

In sufferers of Acrochordon Crohn’s Disease is also supposed to be a factor. Crohn’s Disease is a chronic disease that results in bowel inflammation.

Acrochordon Diagnosis

The diagnosis of Acrochordon condition depends upon its clinical appearance. The condition is usually detected by simple physical observation of the fleshy growths. In most cases, invasive examinations are not required. The doctor asks the sufferer about the symptoms and enquires about his or her medical history.

Acrochordon Differential Diagnosis

The differential diagnosis for Acrochordon involves distinguishing the syndrome from malignant tumors like squamous cell carcinoma. If the doctor suspects malignancy, skin biopsies may be needed to rule out cancerous conditions.

Acrochordon Treatment

Acrochordon tags are benign and usually harmless. These do not require a treatment unless the tags arise in abnormal locations of the body or the sufferer experiences some discomforting conditions.

Some of the common ways for Acrochordon removal are :


This is a popular over-the-counter Acrochordon medication. The tags are frozen with liquid nitrogen which makes them fall off in about a week.


In cases of Acrochordons arising over surfaces like eyelids and faces, a surgical operation may be needed for fast removal of the discomforting skin tags. A small amount of anesthetic is applied over a localized region before removing the tag. Removal may involve snipping off the growth, cauterizing or freezing it. In Acrochordon cauterization is very popular. This involves using extreme heat or cold to destroy the skin tags.


In some cases of Acrochordon removal of skin tags may also be carried out by Cryosurgery. This method involves using extremely low temperatures to kill the tissues underlying an Acrochordon malignant growth. Liquid nitrogen is specially used for this purpose.

Acrochordon Natural Treatment

Acrochordon natural removal generally involves using Baking soda paste. Mix a small amount of castor oil with a little baking soda and make a paste. Apply this over the Acrochordon lesions. This is known to dissolve the skin lesions in a few days.

Acrochordon Home Removal

Many people use these methods for Acrochordon remedy at home.

String Method

It is common to know a thread string around the base of the skin tag. This cuts off blood circulation to the tissue underlying the Acrochordon tumor and causes it to fall off in a couple of days.

Minor Excision

Some people use a sterilized blade to make an incision at the base or peduncle of the growth. This cuts the Acrochorda off the skin surface. This causes a little amount of pain but is quite effective and requires cleaning the area with an antiseptic after surgery. It is not advisable to carry out an Acrochordon surgery at home. If done improperly, it may lead to excessive bleeding.

Is Acrochordon Contagious?

Acrochordon growths are often believed to be contagious. These skin tags are, however, not transmissible and you should not fear getting them from a sufferer.

Acrochordon Prevention

The exact reason for the development of Acrochordon is unclear. This is the reason why there is no sure way of preventing this disease. However, meditation is believed to work as a preventive method as it reduces stress in people.

If you have someone suffering from Acrochordon or having the condition yourself, you should visit a doctor and carry out a diagnostic test to be on the safe side. This will help you diagnose any cancerous condition in its early stages and avoid any serious complication in future.


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