Amoxicillin Side Effects and Reactions

Has your face swollen lately? Are you having respiratory problems? If you have recently used Amoxicillin, you may be suffering from its side effects.

What is Amoxicillin?

Amoxicillin is an antibiotic drug. It belongs to the same type of antibiotics as Penicillin. The medicine is taken twice or thrice a day with or without foods.

What is Amoxicillin Used For?

Amoxicillin Picture 1 – Amoxicillin Capsules Source – wikimedia

Amoxicillin is used in curing bacterial infections of the nose, ear, throat, skin and urinary tract. It is used in treating diseases caused by bacterial infections such as Bronchitis, Pneumonia and Gonorrhea. Amoxicillin is used in various forms like:

  • Amoxicillin pediatric dose,
  • Amoxicillin capsules,
  • Non-chewable Amoxicillin tablets,
  • Chewable Amoxicillin tablets,
  • Amoxicillin oral suspension liquid

Amoxicillin Side Effects

Amoxicillin is a very important drug for bacterial infection treatment. However, some people are allergic to this medicine. Amoxicillin can produce several side effects in such people. These allergenic symptoms consist of


As a side-effect of Amoxicillin rashes are very common. These can appear on the skin several days after taking the medicine. The rashes usually appear as tiny lumps on the skin and are red in color. Allergic rashes are usually non-itchy. In a few cases, non-allergic rashes may also develop. These are accompanied with itchiness. They generally arise about three days after Amoxicillin intake.


People can suffer from mild to acute cases of itchiness sometime after having Amoxicillin. The allergic reactions of Amoxicillin intake usually start with an itching sensation. Itchiness can arise in localized skin areas such as fingertips or groin.


Amoxicillin intake can also produce nauseating symptoms in patients. Amoxicillin nausea can range from mild to severe.


Nausea can also cause some people to vomit in some cases. In patients suffering from side-effects of Amoxicillin vomiting is common.

Mental Abnormalities

The affected person may also suffer from mental changes such as anxiety.

Blood pressure Drop

Patients may also suffer from a sudden drop in blood pressure. This can give rise to dizziness and even fainting.

Breathing Difficulties

People with Amoxicillin allergy may also respiratory difficulties. This usually happens due to congestion of the nasal passage.

Facial Inflammation

Inflammation is one of the major allergenic side effects of Amoxicillin. The cheeks, lips and entire facial region may swell. Facial swelling is one of the most serious Amoxicillin effects. Immediate treatment is needed in such cases.


Diarrhea can also arise as an allergenic symptom of Amoxicillin intake. Digestive distress is quite common after Amoxicillin consumption. Amoxicillin can also be released in traces with breast milk and result in allergenic reactions in the sufferer. If you are having Amoxicillin breastfeeding can be dangerous. Side-effects of Amoxicillin for infants can be quite discomforting.

Hard Swallowing

Patients often complain of difficulties in swallowing after Amoxicillin consumption.

Abdominal Pain

Sufferers can also experience pain in the abdomen as a result of Amoxicillin intake.


In some cases, Amoxicillin can cause bleeding in suffering persons.


Sufferers may also experience a painful burning sensation in the chest. Heartburn is a common Amoxicillin side effect.

Yeast Infection

Due to intake of Amoxicillin yeast infection may also occur. Taking Amoxicillin increases the risk of Yeast Infection and causes symptoms like tenderness, itchiness and inflammation. Yeast infection generally affect the vaginal area in women.

Liver Damage

In case of long-term usage of Amoxicillin liver damage can also arise.

Rare Amoxicillin Side Effects

Amoxicillin usages can lead to other serious side effects like darkening of urine, yellowing of eyes or skin, severe stomach pain and blood in stool.

Amoxicillin in Pregnancy

In women consuming amoxicillin pregnancy is not affected. So far, Amoxicillin has not been found to produce any complication during pregnancy. But physicians are skeptical as antibiotics generally come with side-effects. Amoxicillin destroys beneficial bacteria in the vagina and intestine which results n yeast infection. Amoxicillin use on pregnant women should be avoided as far as possible.

Treatment for Amoxicillin Reactions

Treatment generally depends on the nature of side-effects produced by Amoxicillin intake. Amoxicillin yeast infection cases can be cured by eating plenty of yoghurt. For patients of infection caused by amoxicillin yogurt consumption is highly beneficial. Having yoghurt in the early stages of infection can help prevent the disease by killing the fungus which acts as the causative factor. Cranberry juice and garlic can also help in combating fungal infection. In case of allergic reactions, symptoms may arise quickly and become very complicated. In a few cases, life-threatening health complications can also be seen. In such cases, amoxicillin dosage has to be immediately stopped. Non-allergic Amoxicillin rashes do not require quitting Amoxicillin dose. Even if a rash develops without allergic symptoms, it is necessary to seek immediate medical assistance. Early Amoxicillin rash treatment can prevent any sudden complications in sufferers. References:

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