Anhedonia – Definition, Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Are you no longer deriving pleasure from activities that you used to enjoy till the other day? Has even sex become a monotonous process for you? Watch out for you may have become a victim of Anhedonia. Read on to know what is Anhedonia, its symptoms, causes, remedies and treatment.

Anhedonia Definition

Anhedonia is a medical condition that makes sufferers unable to experience pleasure. Medical researchers define Anhedonia as the loss of capacity to experience pleasure. People suffering from this disease are unable to experience joy in activities that give pleasure such as sports, family activities and even lovemaking. This is a peculiar condition which has symptoms similar to schizophrenia and depression.

Anhedonia Meaning

Anhedonia means “without pleasure” or “devoid of joy”. Anhedonia is a medical term which is a fusion of two Greek words “an-“ meaning “without” and “hedone” stading for pleasure.

Anhedonia Symptoms

Some of the main Anhedonia negative symptoms are

Inability to feel pleasure

The incapability to experience joy is the first among the main symptoms of Anhedonia.

Loss of interest

Anhedonia sufferers typically have a disinterest in all kinds of activities, even those that are pleasurable. It is similar to depression where a sufferer feels disinclined to indulge in any kind of activity.

Loss of joyous response

Anhedonia patients seem to be non-motivated individuals. They show no excitement or enthusiasm even when praised or given a reward. It is among the worst Anhedonia negative effects.

What Causes Anhedonia?

The neurotransmitter Dopamine of the brain is responsible for our ability to feel pleasure. In humans with Anhedonia Dopamine impairment makes it difficult to experience joy. Medical researchers have not been able to identify the major reason behind the damage of Dopamine. However, they have managed to theorize some of the factors that can affect Dopamine function and act as the main causes of Anhedonia. These are


Anhedonia is one of the main symptoms of Depression. In individuals suffering from Anhedonia Depression is often the main cause.


Schizophrenia is a psychotic disorder that seriously affects emotions and feelings in the sufferer. Naturally, it also impacts sexual experiences and gives rise to Anhedonia.

Sleep deprivation

Lack of good sleep can affect the entire mental and physical system of an individual and reduce sex drive and physical sensations. People with chronic sleep disorders may be a victim of this disease at a later stage in their lives.

Drug abuse

People who indulge in drug abuse, particularly stimulants like methamphetamine and cocaine, can also suffer from this condition.

Ejaculatory (Sexual) Anhedonia

Sexual Anhedonia is a major problem in most patients of this condition. In male sufferers, Sexual Anhedonia is also known as “Ejaculatory Anhedonia”. A man is said to be suffering from Sexual Anhedonia when he feels no pleasure while ejaculating semen during copulation. Men frequently suffer from this disease though women can also be its victims. Women suffering from Sexual Anhedonia experience do not experience any satisfaction even while their body is going through an orgasm during intercourse.

How Does Anhedonia Ejaculatory Disease Occur?

Ejaculatory Anhedonia in men can arise due to a number of conditions like


This disorder arises when there is a high level of Prolactin in bloodstream. It causes erectile dysfunction and infertility in men.

Inhibited Sexual Desire

In medical terms, this is known as Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD). It is a type of sexual dysfunction that can be General or Situational. General HSDD is marked by a general lack of sexual drive. Situational HSDD may be temporary and arise in situations such as after a disease or in case of a particular sexual partner.

Low Testosterone Level

This happens in men suffering from low levels of testosterone, the hormone responsible for male sex drive.

Spinal Cord Injury

Often, an injury to the spinal cord may inhibit sexual desire and give rise to Sexual Anhedonia.

Multiple Sclerosis

It is a chronic disorder of the nervous that involves progressive loss of myelin sheath around some nerve fibers. It numbs the senses and reduces sexual pleasure.

Antidepressant usage

SSRI Antidepressant drugs like Fluoxetine can severely decrease sex drive in humans. The side effects of these medicines can inhibit sexual drive so much that patients are often forced to discontinue treatment after a while.

Ejaculatory Anhedonia Treatment

The treatment of Ejaculatory Anhedonia and Sexual Anhedonia can be done after a proper diagnosis of the condition. Once diagnosis establishes these disorders, Anhedonia drug treatment may be carried out with the aid of a sustained-release medicine known as Bupropion.

Anhedonia Vitamins

In some cases, Sexual Anhedonia can result from an overdose of Vitamin B6 supplements. Stopping this supplement can cure the disorder naturally.

Anhedonia may also arise due to a deficiency of Vitamin D in the body. Lack of Vitamin D can cause depression which in turn gives rise to low libido and leads to Anhedonia. In such cases of Anhedonia supplements of Vitamin D can help treat this problem. Anhedonia Vitamin D cure is one of the best Anhedonia natural treatments.

Anhedonia and Schizophrenia

Anhedonia or loss of pleasurable sensation is one of the main clinical features of Schizophrenia. Anhedonia is not given much importance in Schizophrenic patients though it is one of the most discomforting symptoms of this condition. As aforesaid, Schizophrenic patients face a progressive loss of emotional sensations which is a reason behind the appearance of Anhedonia in them.

Anhedonia and Alcohol

Alcohol usage has a great role in the appearance of Anhedonia. Alcohol initially increases the level of Dopamine release in people. However, a high amount of alcohol consumption can eventually lower the level of dopamine release significantly. The reduction of Dopamine neurotransmitter ultimately leads to Anhedonia.

Anhedonia cure is possible if the condition is diagnosed and treated properly. If you have been finding yourself incapable of experiencing pleasure for a prolonged period, it is time you make that trip to your doc and check if you are alright. Early diagnosis will help you get early treatment and get rid of this discomforting syndrome sooner than you can think.


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