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The Cabbage Soup Diet Information

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The cabbage soup diet is a kind of diet that is actually intended for the radical loss of weight within a short period of time to for the benefit of one’s health. The cabbage soup diet weight loss is ensured by the cabbage soup diet plan which entails the heavy consumption of a low-calorie cabbage diet soup for a period of 7 days. The 7 day cabbage soup diet is in fact a high fever low fat diet that intends to the shedding of at least 10 pounds of extra body fat. This the reason it is also known as cabbage soup fad diet as it leads one to get in shape and size which ultimately may prove beneficial for one’s health. Also known as sacred heart cabbage soup diet, it has also come into the ambit of great criticism from nutritional experts who claim that the so called weight loss promoted by cabbage soup diet is actually water loss in nature.

Origin of Cabbage Soup Diet

If one wants to know the original cabbage soup diet, one may not be able to know the same as medical science lacks evidence to trace the origins of this diet. However, it was only in the 1980s that it gained popularity as a faxlore. The cabbage soup diet has been ascribed a number of other names such as “TJ Miracle Soup Diet”, “Sacred Heart Diet”, “Military Cabbage Soup”, “Russian Peasant Diet” and “General Motors Diet” linking them to a mainstream institution. For reasons unknown, sometimes it is also known as “Mayo Clinic Cabbage Soup Diet”. Although there is no specific scientific reason to attribute its name to Mayo Clinic.

Cabbage Soup Diet Recipe

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Although it is very difficult to find any original cabbage soup diet recipe since the origin of the diet itself is unknown, yet the recipe for cabbage soup diet as recommended by doctors includes 6 large pieces of green onions, a pair of green peppers, a pair of cans filled with either diced or whole tomatoes, 3 carrots, a bunch of celery, a whole or half a head of cabbage, and a package of lipton dry onion soup mix. These are the ingredients for vegetarian cabbage soup diet recipe.  However, non-vegetarians may also include a container of mushrooms or one or two cubes of chicken or beef bouillon as an extra cabbage soup diet ingredient. And without the addition of salt and spices such as pepper, garlic powder, soy sauce, curry powder and parsley, it is impossible to prepare the best cabbage soup diet recipe. All these components add up to make a perfect cabbage soup diet menu.

In order to know how to make cabbage soup, one needs to follow the directions carefully. The first step is to peel the vegetables, slice them and cut them into pieces. Then one must put those veggies into a large pot which has been already sprayed with a cooking spray. But one must be aware not to put tomatoes and cabbage at the head start along with other vegetables. One should wait till the veggies get tender. Only after the tenderness should the cabbage be added with around 12 cups of water. Then one may toss in the soup mix and the seasoning for rendering color and taste to the matter. This shall make the perfect cabbage soup recipe for vegetarians. However, non vegetarians may add mushrooms, beef or chicken cubes according to their wish while the soup is prepared. The soup needs at least one and a half hours to be cooked. To make the soup more tasty, one may prepare a base soup and add herbs or seasonings for deriving different flavors out of the same. However, it is important to note that there is no one single way of preparing the soup and this has given to the cabbage soup diet variations. There may also be cabbage diet recipe variations depending on individual discretion. The new cabbage soup diet recipe adds in protein ingredients in order to fill up the vacuum created by its absence in the diet and also at the same time decreasing the level of sodium.

Cabbage Soup Diet Plan

The cabbage soup diet is actually planned to be a 7 day cabbage soup diet with few restrictions. A typical outline of the cabbage soup diet 7 day plan is laid as the following:-

  • Day 1 – One should start with just not the cabbage soup but also with beverages such as fruit juices except for banana. One is also free to drink other beverages such as black coffee, cranberry juice and as much as water as one desires.
  • Day 2 – The next day should be dominated by all kinds of vegetables in the diet. One is also permitted to have a large size baked potato with butter applied on it for dinner. But one is also restricted from having fruits and peas, dry beans and sweet corn on this day.
  • Day 3 – One is allowed to relish the cabbage soup along with fruits and veggies except for baked potato.
  • Day 4 – The 4th day is meant to compensate for the restriction of having banana for the other days. One is permitted to have as many as 8 bananas and skimmed milk to the extent one desires to satisfy one’s self with.
  • Day 5 – The 5th day is a day for non-vegetarians to revel. This is for the reason that one is allowed to have up to 20 ounces of beef along with the cabbage soup. As many as 6 fresh tomatoes and at least 6-8 glasses of water may help the body to get rid of toxic substances. One can also make it a cabbage chicken soup diet by substituting the ounces of beef with broiled pieces of chicken. And one more reason for reveling on this day is the option for substituting either the beef or chicken with broiled fish.
  • Day 6 – On this day one may have as much as beef and vegetables as one desires along with the necessary soup. However, the restriction for baked potatoes still continues.
  • Day 7 – In addition to the cabbage soup, one may also go for brown rice, vegetables except for potatoes and unsweetened fruit juice. But one is strictly prohibited to go for bread, carbonated beverages, diet soda or alcohol in the name of the allowed beverages.

On the whole, the cabbage soup diet emphasizes on the intake of low calories in spite of giving one the freedom to eat as much as one desires with just a few restrictions.

Cabbage Soup Diet Pros and Cons (Side Effects)

The pros and cons of the diet plan based on the cabbage soup diet results and reviews are as follows:-

  • Although it has the ability to make one lose weight within a very short span of time, yet it has been termed as a bland soup.
  • In spite of permitting one to eat and drink the items mentioned in the cabbage soup dietary chart to the fulfillment of one’s heart and stomach, many have claimed that the restrictions imposed on the daily food habits as well as the light nature of the diet may contribute one to feel feeble or light-headed.
  • The diet being meant for only 7 days has been criticized to lead to a nauseous feeling for many who could not bear the blandness of the soup.
  • Although it allows for the consumption of fruits that ensures a vitamin rich diet, yet it has been criticized for not promoting protein rich cabbage soup ingredients.
  • It has been hailed as a cabbage soup cleansing diet due to its qualities of cleansing the body of the toxins. But it just leads to a temporary loss of weight which may again be gained in a very short span of time.
  • Flatulence is also another cabbage soup diet side effect that leads to the premature discontinuation of the diet plan.

For questions such as does the cabbage soup diet work, the answer lies in the fact that the following of the cabbage soup diet in a sincere and religious manner has contributed to the significant number of cabbage soup diet success stories. Besides, even after the cabbage soup diet, one may continue to take in multivitamin tablets to ensure the actual cabbage soup diet success.

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