Eyelid Rash – Pictures, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Are your eyelids itchy and swollen? Watch out, you may be suffering from an Eyelid Rash. Read on to know all about Eyelid Rashes, its causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.

What are Eyelid Rashes?

Eyelid Rashes are sacs or vesicles that develop inside or just beneath the skin layers of the eyelids. This leads to upper Eyelid Rash or lower Eyelid Rash. The condition is also known as “Eyelid Pimple”.

Eyelid Rashes can result from various diseases and substances. The skin around the eyelid is very sensitive.  This is the reason why eyelid is a common spot for rashes.

How do Eyelid Rashes Look Like?

An Eyelid Rash is quite similar in appearance to pimples known as “whitehead”. The rashes are slightly red in color and filled with pus. The skin region over the rashes is a little stretchy with a white dot in the middle.

Eyelid Rash Causes

A number of factors may act as the cause of rash on eyelids. Some of the possible causes for this disorder are :


Eyelid Rashes can often arise as a side effect of medicines. Certain drugs are known to give rise to rashes in different parts of skin of the body, including the eyelids.


Intense heat can give rise to rashes on the skin. Heat rashes on the eyelids can take the form of Eyelid Pimples.

Sun Burns

Eye rashes may also appear as a result of sun burn.

Dry Skin

Dryness of the skin is often held as another reason behind the appearance of rashes. This may act as a cause of rash on eyelids.


Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) is a chronic condition that leads to an inflammation of the collagen protein in the connective tissue of the joints or the skin. In many patients with Eyelid Rash lupus can be a causative condition.

Bacterial Meningitis

This is a serious, life-threatening condition which leads to skin inflammation and development of white rashes over the skin. Bacterial meningitis can be one of the causes of rash in eyelids.

Nail Polish

Nail polish contains some ingredients that are harmful for eyes. Even a tiny speck of nail polish can cause rashes in eyelids.

Contact Lens

Contact lenses often irritate the skin region in the eyelid. A skin irritation can give rise to swollen bumps and cause Eyelid Rash. Wearing contact lenses without properly disinfecting them can lead to an accumulation of bacteria which can cause pustules. This can also lead to eye infections like Pink Eye, Blepharitis and Trachoma.

Eye Drops

Some eye drops can irritate the eyelids and be a cause of Eyelid Rash swelling.

Fungal Infection

In a few cases of Eyelid Rash fungus infection is detected as the prime reason. Viral and Bacterial infection of the eyelids can also give rise to eyelid swelling.

Eyelid Rash Symptoms

Some of the most notable symptoms of Eyelid Rashes are :

Pustules on the Eyelids

As the name suggests, the condition is marked by the appearance of pustules over the eyelids. These small blisters contain pus which makes the skin inflamed.


Most patients commonly experience itchiness in the eyelids. Eyelid itching is very common in people with eyelid rashes.


There may be a mild redness in the inflamed skin region of the eyelid.


The affected person may also experience soreness in the swollen area of the eyelid.


Flakes or scales may also appear in the skin area over the pustule.


Most patients suffer from a painful sensation in the affected region.

Eyelid Rash Diagnosis

Patients with an enlarged blister should get in touch with a dermatologist or a general physician. An expert physician normally detects the condition with naked eye. The medical history and lifestyle of the patient are taken into account for a proper diagnosis. In some cases, skin biopsies are required.

Eyelid Rash Treatment

Eyelid Rashes generally require no treatment. The pustule usually subsides with time as the body naturally absorbs the pus. The blister may also naturally rupture letting the pus escape from inside it. In such cases, the person should thoroughly wash the affected region. This will reduce any chance of infection.

An enlarged and painful pustule in the eyelid requires treatment. In the absence of treatment, the blister may accumulate dead skin cells from adjoining regions and grow in size. Treatment for Eyelid Rash is highly necessary in such cases.

In absence of any abnormal causes, a physician performs a small surgical operation on the vesicle. The blister is perforated with a surgical needle and the pus is carefully drained out. The area is washed and thoroughly cleaned to prevent any bacterial infection. The entire process takes only a small time to perform and can be carried out in the doctor’s office.

People suffering from recurring cases of swollen eyelid rash should consult a dermatologist for expert consultation. Recurring pustules in the eyelid may be a sign of some serious health condition.

Eyelid Rash Remedy at Home

For treatment of eyelid rashes at home, the following options can be tried out:

Topical Creams

Topical creams available in medicine stores can soothe the affected area. You should ideally consult your doctor before using any cream or ointment on the eye. Some creams can also cause allergy to the skin and eyelid skin is a very sensitive region.

Anti-itching Ointments

If you are suffering from itchy Eyelid Rashes, anti-itching creams and ointments can give you some relief.

Wash Hands

In some cases, rubbing eyes with unclean hands can cause an irritation of the eyelids due to germs. Washing hands from time to time will prevent the disease from getting further complicated.

Eyelid Rash Pictures

Want to know how Eyelid Rashes look like? Here are some Eyelid Rash photos that will help you get an idea about the appearance of these blisters.

eyelid rash photos

Picture 1 – Eyelid Rash Picture Source – picturesofeczema

pictures of eyelid rash

Picture 2 – Eyelid Rash Photo Source – skinrashespictures

If you notice Eyelid Rash and swelling in yourself or anyone in your family it is best to seek early medical treatment. Delay in cure can aggravate the situation and also cause much pain and itchiness in the eyes. In worse cases, this may even impair daily activities. An early cure will help you make an early recovery from Eyelid Rashes and avoid further discomfort.

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