Glandular Fever – Symptoms, Causes, Diagnosis, Treatment and Recovery

Are you suffering from fever and sore throat accompanied with sores in your mouth? You may be suffering from a condition called Glandular Fever that is also known as “The Kissing Disease”. Read on to learn all about Glandular Fever in adults and children.

What is Glandular Fever and is it Contagious ?

Glandular Fever is a disease that results from viral infection. It is believed to spread from physical contact that includes kissing. Hence, it is also called “The Kissing Disease”. Hence, Glandular fever is very contagious.

Glandular Fever Contagious
Picture 1 – Glandular Fever is Contagious
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Infectious mononucleosis is another popular name for this medical syndrome.

Symptoms of Glandular Fever

Some of the main Glandular Fever symptoms and signs are :


The affected person usually suffers from higher body temperatures which is a major symptom of glandular fever.

Sore Throat

The sufferer may also experience soreness in the throat which can be very discomforting. It can affect the voice quality of the patient.


Glandular Fever patients commonly suffer from tiredness due to this syndrome.


Glandular Fever symptoms
Picture 2 – One of the major symptom of glandular fever
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Most people with Glandular Fever suffer from headaches. When headaches accompany high body temperatures, the person experiences great physical discomfort. It is quite similar to the symptoms an Influenza infection.

Muscular Pain

Glandular Fever Symptoms
Picture 3 – Glandular Fever Symptom
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People with Glandular Fever also experiences muscle pain.

Inflamed Tonsils

The tonsil often suffers an inflammation in Glandular Fever patients.

Mouth Sores

The disease also gives rise to sores in the mouth of sufferers.

Swollen lymph Nodes

Glandular Fever in adults and children
Picture 4 – Swollen Lymph Node
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The lymph nodes in such patients suffer an abnormal inflammation.

Enlarged liver

In glandular fever liver can suffer an inflammation and become larger in size. Yellow jaundice can develop as a result.

Swollen Spleen

The spleen may also suffer an inflammation in some cases.

Puffy Eyes

Some people with this syndrome also suffer from puffy or swollen eyes.

Rise in Monocytes

There is an abnormal increase of Monocytes in the bloodstream. Monocytes are a kind of granular leucocyte that consumes bacteria.

Weight Loss

In patients with Glandular Fever weight loss is very common.

Glandular Fever Causes

Some of the main causes of Glandular Fever are :

Epstein-Barr Virus

Glandular Fever is mainly believed to result from an infection by the Epstein-Barr virus. The Epstein-Barr virus is a part of the herpes virus group. Epstein-Barr is the prime Glandular Fever virus.


The disease is also supposed to transmit from one person to another through saliva. This is the reason why some people believe that Glandular Fever spreads by kissing.

Glandular Fever Diagnosis

An experienced physician mainly carries out the diagnosis by enquiring about and physically observing the symptoms. In a few cases of Glandular Fever blood tests may also be needed if the doctor wants to determine whether there is an abnormal increase in Monocytes in the bloodstream.

A throat swab may also be carried out if the physician suspects any throat infection. Additional glandular fever tests may be performed to check the condition of liver.

Glandular Fever Treatment

Glandular Fever kissing disease does not usually require any treatment. The symptoms go away with rest and after a period of time. But in case the symptoms are very discomforting and the patient wants immediate relief, treatment is necessary.

Antibiotic medicines are useless if the disease results only from a viral infection. Treatment of sore throat is carried out with the aid of Aspirin gargles and Paracetamols.

Glandular Fever Natural Remedies

Glandular Fever treatment can also be carried out through home remedies like :

Fluid Intake

Drinking plenty of water, fruit juices and similar natural fluids can work as a natural Glandular Fever cure.

Hot Drinks

Hot drinks can provide relief from sore threat and work as a temporary cure.


Keeping work pressure to a minimum and taking rest can ensure a faster Glandular Fever recovery. All intense physical activities including sports and workouts should be avoided until complete recovery. This is truer in case of people with a swollen spleen. For patients of Glandular Fever exercise should be stopped for about 6-8 weeks.

Glandular Fever Prevention

Glandular Fever Symptom
Picture 5 – Glandular Fever Rash
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The disease can be prevented by following some simple tips like :

Avoid Physical Contact

It is best to avoid physical contact with others including cuddling and kissing. As aforementioned, body contact can be a prime factor behind Glandular Fever transmission.

Maintain Proper Hygiene

Avoid sharing towels, cups and other items of daily use with infected persons.

Glandular Fever Prognosis

Most people recover from this health condition very quickly. There are very few cases of Glandular Fever recurrence. Only a few people suffer from Glandular Fever more than once. Following a proper treatment, chances of Glandular Fever relapse are almost negative.

Glandular Fever recovery generally happens within a month and disappears without complications. The Glandular Fever duration of recovery extends only in about 3% cases.

Glandular Fever Complications

Glandular Fever may turn complicated in rare conditions. The respiratory passage can get swollen and blocked. A short oral steroid therapy may be needed for an immediate treatment.

Sometimes, the patient may also suffer from pneumonia. Antibiotic medicines prove useful for an effective treatment of pneumonia.

In some cases, the spleen may tear. The patient needs to be immediately hospitalized in such cases. Fortunately, a spleen rupture occurs only in 0.1-0.2% cases.



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