Jock Itch Pictures, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment and Cure

Suffering from an annoying itching in your groin area? You are most likely to be suffering from Jock Itch, a common condition found in athletes and even normal persons. Read on to know more about this common disease. There are also some useful jock itch pictures. The jock itch photos will help understand about the nature of the condition in detail.

What is Jock Itch?

As the name indicates, the disease is related to the groin region. It is nothing but a simple fungal infection in the skin. In medical terms, it is known as ‘Tine cruris’. It affects both men and women. However, it is more common in men. There is a popular misconception that the disorder results from a ringworm infection, but it is actually caused by fungus. The fungus generally responsible for this condition known as ‘Trichophyton rubrum’. It affects the buttocks, genitals or the skin of the inner thighs. The condition can also appear in other areas of the body that are covered for the most part of the day, like the waist and the upper thighs.

jock itchPicture 1: Jock Itch is a result of fungal infection in a particular skin area. Constantly covered areas of the skin like the groin are more susceptible to this infection.
Source: WebMD

Jock Itch Symptoms

There are quite a few symptoms associated to this condition. These are:


Itching of the skin is what marks the disorder. The sufferer feels a constant itching in his or her affected area. This is accompanied by an uncomfortable, burning sensation.

jock itch imagePhoto 2 : The disease is mostly marked by a constant itching and burning sensation.
Source: QToob

Reddish skin

The affected area becomes red or bright pink. In some cases it takes on a brown or reddish-brown appearance.

Discoloration of skin

In many cases, the affected part of the skin becomes discolored. The skin may get darker in color, a condition known as hyperpigmentation. In other cases, it may become lighter in tone. This condition is called hypopigmentation.


Ring-shaped rashes are commonly developed in the area affected by the ‘Trichophyton rubrum’ fungus. Generally, these are formed when the infected area has been rubbed for quite some time. Itching of the rashes can make them bigger and bumpy. In severe cases, pus may ooze out during itching.

Cracking of skin

In severe cases, the skin may crack and touching the area may cause much pain.


In worse cases, a bad smell may be produced from the infected region.

Jock Itch Causes

What causes jock itch? The itching in the jock area is caused mainly due to fungal infection. However, the fungal attack is not caused as such, it is a direct result of reasons like the below:

1. Wearing tight-fitting undergarments

Tight-fitting under-wears trap sweat and keep the groin area moist for a long time. It is the ideal condition for a fungal condition. Warm and moist areas of the human body are generally found to be the breeding ground of fungus.

2. Bodily contact

The jock itch disease is contagious. It is often spread from skin to skin. Physical intimacy can often result in the transmitting of this disease.

3. Lack of hygiene

The sufferer often forgets to wash hands after touching the affected area. When an unaffected person touches the affected one, the disease may be transmitted due to the physical contact. Even a normal person with proper hygiene may contract the disease in this way.

4. Sharing others clothes

Beware of sharing others’ undergarments, handkerchiefs or towels. Objects that have been in contact with the infected area of an affected person can transfer the disease to your skin. Beware when you go out in public places like gym or swimming pool. It is advisable that you take a shower right after you have finished with your activities.

Pictures of Jock Itch

What does jock itch look like? Refer to the jock itch images below:

picture jock itchPhoto 3 : The disease is caused by fungal infection and not ringworm infection, as is often wrongly believed.
Source: Buzzle

jock itch ringworm rash picture
Image 4: Jock Itch rash

jock itch tinea cruris picture
Image 5: Ring Shaped Jock Itch Rash

Who gets Jock itch?

Any person can suffer from Jock Itch. But people with more active lifestyle or low immunity can suffer from the disease more than others.

Both males and females can suffer from this disease. However, some persons have more chances of contracting the disease, these are:

  • Athletes – These people sweat all day and remain in wet clothes for a longer period of time than others. So they are at more risk of having this infection.
  • Housewives – Women who perform domestic chores often sweat more and remain in wet clothes.
  • Obese people – Fat people sweat much and stand at a greater chance of suffering from the infection.
  • Diabetics – Persons suffering from Diabetes Mellitus have a low immune system. So there is greater risk for them to suffer from this disease.
  • AIDS sufferers – People with AIDS have even lower immunity than diabetics. As a result, they have a greater chance of having such skin infections.
  • People with bad hygiene – Those with unclean hands and dirty habits are also at much risk. Such people can contract the disease from other infected persons. Even those who share clothes and inner-wears with others can contract the infection.

Jock Itch in Men

Jock Itch is common in men. It is seen as an embarrassing condition and therefore, ignored. But unless treated in time, it may lead to the development of rashes.

Jock infection is a common problem in men. The areas mostly affected are the skin of the testicles and genital, inner skin of the thighs and side or back areas of lower waist region. The problem mainly arises due to wearing tight under-wears for a prolonged period in the home or office. When the genital is contained within tight inner-wears, more sweat is accumulated in the area. The groin region becomes warm, moist and humid. Naturally, fungus breeds in the groin region.

Jock Itch in Women

Jock infection is not only a man’s disease. Many women are also victims of this condition. It is actually a result of fungal condition and can affect any person, male or female.

In women, the infection is found in the skin areas that sweat highly and are covered for long periods. These include:

  • Groin region
  • Skin of inner thighs
  • Skin under the breast

In most cases the infected part can be cured at home with creams, soaps and powders. Women can use creams like Monistat Derm or Desenex for best result. Loose inner-wears should be worn to prevent the infection in the private parts. Loose clothes that allow passing of air through the body are ideal.

Jock Itch Treatment

How to get rid of jock itch? Jock Itch is a fully curable disease. It can mostly be treated at home. In severe cases, doctors should be consulted.

Moderate itching in the jock region can be cured at home. However, severe cases may need the help of a doctor. The expert medical guidance of a doctor can provide you with immediate relief from jock infection.

Jock Itch Home Remedy

You can try these simple remedies to completely cure your jock itch infected area at home.

  • Wear loose-fitted undergarments. Stop using tight bike shorts you have, whether or not you are suffering from itches in the jock.
  • Wear only cotton undergarments. Avoid buying or using under-wears made of synthetic fibres.
  • Change your under-wears every day.
  • Wash your inner-wears regularly. Clean inner garments will help you prevent the infection.
  • Do not share others clothes, undergarments and towels.
  • Wear light clothes during workouts. This will let the skin breathe and air-drying of sweat during exercise.
  • Lose weight. If you have a paunch and excess fat, your waist will constantly be in friction with your pants and undergarments. It will lead to skin problems if not jock itch. Besides, losing weight will keep your body system healthy and make you sweat less.
  • Wear loose pyjamas or Bermudas at home. This will allow air to pass through all areas of your body. Your infected region will remain dry. Fungus cannot breed in dry regions.
  • Keep the area as clean as possible. Use water and anti-bacterial soap to wash the area from time to time. Do not use a towel. Let air naturally dry the affected part.
  • Mix 2-3 drops of coconut oil with 4-5 drops if olive oil. Apply this over the affected area. It will work great combat fungal infection.
  • When you wash your hair with shampoo, do not let the foam flow down to the groin.
  • Apply anti-fungal powder and cream over the region.
  • You can also use sprays like Lotromin (clotrimazole), Micatin (miconazole), Lamisil (terinafine) and Tinactin (tolnaftate).

Jock Itch Cure by Medications

Doctors generally treat this disease with antifungal drugs. These are generally antifungal creams that contain fungus-combating substances like

  • Miconazole
  • Econazole nitrate
  • Oxiconazole
  • Ciclopirox
  • Terbinafine
  • Tolnaftate
  • Naftifine
  • Clotrimazole

Use of steroids may be done if there is serious discomfort in the affected region. Glucocorticoid steroids are generally used in the treatment of jock itch.


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