Maculopapular Rash – Definition, Pictures, Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Worried at the sight of small, flat, red spots on your skin? You may be having Maculopapular Rash, a skin condition that is common in much of the US population.

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Maculopapular Rash Definition

Maculopapular Rash is a kind of skin disease that is characterized by certain areas of the skin turning red. Small lumps arise over these lumps. Sufferers of this condition can have both papules and macules on their skin.

The term Maculopapular comes from two words – “macules” meaning flat, small, non-elevated, discolored regions on the skin and “papules” meaning small, swollen bumps.

Maculopapular rashes are also referred to as HIV rashes in medical world.

What does a Maculopapular Rash look like?

Maculopapular Rashes are quite similar in appearance to skin eruptions that arise in other diseases like Scarlet fever, syphilis and measles. It also looks a lot like heat rashes. Maculopapular blemishes are also same in appearance as Fifth disease rashes.

These rashes are usually red in appearance which may change into some other color in later stages. This is the reason why they are known as Erythematous (red). As aforementioned, the rashes may be either elevated or non-elevated.

Where does Maculopapular Rash appear?

Maculopapular Rashes can arise on different parts of the body. You can find a Maculopapular Rash on trunk. One can see Maculopapular Rash on face. Children are often seen to suffer from Maculopapular Rash on palms and soles.

Maculopapular Rash Symptoms

Maculopapular Rash is itself a symptom of several conditions. These include :


Measles is characterized by the appearance of Maculopapular Rashes. Along with Maculopapular Rash fever is also noticeable. The person suffers from high temperatures, usually around 104 degree Fahrenheit. The rashes develop some time after high fever. These are initially red in color but can change to brown in later stages. These disappear after some days.

Maculopapular Rash and fevers have a close association. The condition is seen to appear in many types of fever like :

Scarlet Fever

In patients with scarlet fever, Maculopapular Rashes appear a day or two after the fever arises. The rashes go away after 3-4 days. The affected skin spots peel away after some time, which can take a few weeks.

Marburg Hemorrhagic Fever

The rashes appear after about five days from the onset of fever. This kind of fever is highly serious and ends in death of about 25% sufferers.

Typhus Fever

This disease is transmitted by body lice and causes high fever and skin rashes.

Maculopapular Rash Causes

This condition develops due to a number of diseases. Some of the major ones are :

Epstein-Barr Virus

This animal virus causes infections and gives rise to painful blisters on the skin. It is related to cancers that affect people in countries like China and Africa.


This chronic infectious disorder also causes ulcerous Maculopapular rashes. Maculopapular Rash syphilis patients are normally treated with Penicillin.


This contagious infection causes itching and irritation of the skin.


This highly infectious tropical disease is transmitted by mosquitoes and causes headaches, joint pains and skin rashes. In many people suffering from Maculopapular Rash dengue is found to be the prime cause.


This is another viral disease carried by mosquitoes. It leads to high temperature and skin rashes in patients.


This contagious viral disease is a mild form of measles which lasts for 3-4 days.

HIV-1 Disease

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Picture 2 – HIV Rashes
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The Type 1 Human Immunodeficiency Virus causes AIDS and commonly gives rise to Maculopapular skin rashes. This is the reason Maculopapular Rashes are also known as HIV rashes. As a causative agent of Maculopapular Rash HIV-1 virus is much dreaded.


This skin condition may also arise due to side effects of medicines like Cefobid and Cefoperazone Sodium. For Maculopapular Rash amoxicillin and similar antibiotic drugs are also responsible. You can also find these rashes in cancer patients who are using chemotherapy drugs for recovery.

Low Cholesterol

The disease can also appear in patients suffering from low cholesterol. This happens due to the use of the B-vitamin Niacin.

Maculopapular Rash Treatment

Treatment of Maculopapular Rash is usually symptomatic. Curing the condition involves curing the disease that has caused it.

If Maculopapular Rash is suspected to be caused by Chikungunya, serology tests and virus isolation are carried out for a definitive diagnosis of the condition. If diagnosis proves Chikungunya as the causative agent, it can be cured with anti-inflammatory medicines like Choloroquine are generally used as treatment.

For mild cases of Dengue, intravenous or oral rehydration is used. More serious cases are treated with blood transfusions.

If the rashes are found to arise due to an Epstein-Barr viral infection, painkillers are administered to the patient. The sufferer is also advised to take rest and drink lots of fluids. Rapid recovery from the condition helps rashes go away rapidly from the skin of sufferers.

If the rashes develop due to Marburg hemorrhagic fever, advanced medical treatment is required. Though there is no specific cure for this virus, it can be destroyed by ultraviolet radiation and gamma radiation.

Maculopapular Rash Pictures

Maculopapular Rash photos
Picture 3 – Maculopapular Rash Picture
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images of Maculopapular Rash
Picture 4 – Photo of Maculopapular Rash
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Want to know what does Maculopapular Rash look like? Here are some Maculopapular Rash images that will help you understand the appearance of the disease. Check out these Maculopapular Rash pics if you are not sure how this condition looks like on the skin.

Maculopapular Rash in Children

Maculopapular Rash in infants and young children is mostly due to viral infections. You can commonly find these rashes appear in little kids. These can be treated in the same way as treating viral infections. The rashes usually go away by themselves. There is no reason to worry about unless there is the lethal Marburg hemorrhagic fever involved. If you find any Maculopapular Rash children in your home, get him treated immediately.

Maculopapular Rash picture

Picture 5 – Maculopapular Rash in Children
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Maculopapular Rash

Picture 6 – Maculopapular Rash in Infants
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Barring a few cases, Maculopapular Rashes are not life-threatening. However, it is always good to take care of health and get timely treatment. It is often difficult to understand the prognosis of a condition. If you detect any red spot on your body, it is best to seek medical treatment within a day or two. The sooner your recover, the better it will be for you.


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