Neck Piercing – Pictures, Pain, Healing, Infection and Aftercare

Want to sport a stylish stud on your neck and step up your attraction quotient? Before you rush and get a Neck Piercing, read on to know all about it.

What is Neck Piercing?

Neck Piercings
Picture 1 – Neck Piercing
Source – justpiercings

Neck Piercing refers to a series of perforations made on the neck of a person, made specifically to enable him or her wear jewelries. This looks much like a two-fang bite by a vampire on the neck of a person. It is generally made on the side of the neck.

A Neck Piercing is commonly made through the flesh on the nape or back of the neck. Such a perforation is also known as Nape Piercing.

Where To Get Neck Piercing?

Neck Piercing can be done from a professional body piercing studio and also at home. If you do not have the necessary experience, however, it is best to get the services of a professional piercer. You can interview piercers, see their portfolio and check their body of work to know if their services are proper and safe. But if you are short on time, it is best to carry out piercing from a well-known studio.

If any of your friends has done a safe body piercing from some studio, you can go there. You may also look up online for a good piercing studio in your locality and check its credentials before making a decision. Safety is of utmost importance in body piercing and if possible, you should personally check the studio to ascertain the quality. Try another if you are left unsatisfied.

Neck Piercing Locations

Neck Piercing in Front
Picture 2 – Neck Piercing Front
Source – flickr

Many people prefer side Neck Piercing though you may also carry out Neck Piercing in front. Front Neck Piercing can look good though it is back of Neck Piercing that is gaining more popularity these days. Multiple surface Neck Piercing is also more preferred over single Neck Piercing.

How is Neck Piercing Done?

If you are interested in getting Neck Piercing done from a reputed professional studio, fix up an appointment with one. Make sure that you set up the appointment at a convenient time for you. Turn up at the exact hour to enjoy the full attention of a professional piercer.

You will be required to sign some documents expressing your approval for undergoing piercing. You will also be asked for an identity proof. Make sure that you carry one.

Piercing begins after the completion of the paperwork. Once the professional piercer appears, show him/her the exact desired location of piercing on your neck. The piercer will clean and sterilize the area. When the region dries, the professional will mark the entry and exit points with a surgical pen.

The perforation will begin after this. The piercer will immediately insert the jewelry into the perforation and clean the region to remove all traces of blood. An antibacterial disinfectant will be used to prevent infection in the area.

Neck Piercing Pictures

Want to know how Neck Piercing looks like? Check these Neck Piercing images. These Neck Piercing Pics will give you an idea about the appearance of the neck after perforation.

pictures of Neck Piercing
Picture 3 – Neck Piercings
Source – deviantart

Back Neck Piercing
Picture 4 – Neck Piercing Photo
Source – photobucket

Neck Piercing Infection

Improper perforation and lack of aftercare are the major causes behind Neck Piercing infection. A bacterial infection in the neck can give rise to redness in the recently pierced area. The region can swell and release a thick discharge. In extreme cases, pus-filled abscesses may break out in the region. A Neck Piercing infection needs careful observation and immediate medical treatment.

Does Neck Piercing Hurt?

Most people who want to dangle Neck Piercing studs have one question – do Neck Piercings hurt? In case of Neck Piercing pain is not too great. You will have a little pain as the surgical needle enters your flesh and goes out of it. Even if you have a low threshold for pain, you can bear the hurt without much effort.

Neck Piercing Aftercare

Neck Piercing care mainly involves cleaning and keeping the pierced area away from dirt and germs. Many Neck Piercing problems can be kept at bay with good aftercare. Try to keep the region away from dirt and germs. This will prevent infection in the area and avoid serious health complications.

It is important to avoid all injuries to the pierced area until it heals completely. Try to keep away from sport activities that can injure the neck region. Trauma to the skin of the pierced can result in a tear and cause the jewelry to come off. Unless treated well, this can leave a permanent Neck Piercing scar.

How To Clean A Neck Piercing?

Add a tsp of salt into a glass of warm water and mix it thoroughly. Soak a cotton ball into the mixture and press it against the pierced region. Throw it away and take another cotton ball. Continue the process. Do this for 5-7 minutes. Perform the saline water aftercare for two times, once in the morning and once in the evening.

How Long Does A Neck Piercing Take To Heal?

Neck Piercing healing time can last from 10 – 12 months. Neck Piercing healing takes longer than piercing in other surfaces. But an infected Neck Piercing can take longer to heal.

Neck Piercing Rejection

There is a high chance of rejection in any kind of Body Piercing. Neck Piercing also has a 90% rejection rate. This arises mainly due to infections caused by unsafe perforation and use of large jewelries. Rejection often occurs due to use of straight barbell jewelries. The skin rejects the jewelries and pushes them, making them fall out of the body surface.

Neck Piercing Risks

Some of the main Neck Piercing dangers are :


Many people are prone to skin allergies. Metals like nickel in gold jewelries cause skin allergies in many people. Use of pure gold can help avoid allergies.


Unsafe perforation, lack of proper aftercare and straight barbells can result in infection of the just-pierced skin area. Infection is mainly a case of Neck Piercing gone wrong.


Strong soap brands have chemicals that irritate open wounds on the skin. It is better to switch to a mild soap brand just after piercing.


Not wearing jewelries in the pierced area regularly can cause the hole to close. This is the reason why jewelries or at least a flexible Teflon or PTFE insert needs to be put into the pierced region.

Neck Piercing Jewelry

Ideally, a Teflon barbell should be used as Neck Piercing jewelry. Steel Neck Piercing bars can limit movement and cause swelling and limitation. Gold Neck Piercing rings can also invite infection into the area unless it is a pure 24 carat piece.

Neck Piercing Cost

Neck Piercing costs about $50 on an average. The price can be less or higher depending upon the studio you choose. It is advisable that you do not compromise on the quality to choose a cheaper option.

Hope this Neck Piercing information helps you make a proper decision about getting a piercing in your cervix. Neck Piercing is a joyous experience if done safely and in a proper manner. Make sure that you carry it out by a reputed studio and care well for it.


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