Red Light Therapy – Uses, Devices and Anti-Ageing Treatment

Disturbed at the lines on your skin and wrinkles under your eyes? With red light therapy you can turn back the clock and restore the smoothness of your skin. Read on to know all about Red Light Therapy.

What is Red Light Therapy?

It is a new therapy that is gaining much popularity in the cosmetic industry and also among people in general who want to look good for long. Scientific research has shown that light rays can have powerful curative effects on living tissues. This can be useful in reducing the harm caused on the skin by advancing age.

Red light is also found to be effective in treating many skin problems in adolescents such as acne. It is also found to be beneficial in treating nervous tics, impaired blood circulation, mild depression and even sexual dysfunction in men and women. It can also be used to heal open wounds in humans.

Red Light Therapy for Anti-Ageing Treatment

When you go out in the sunlight, the harmful UV rays fall on your skin. In the absence of a sunscreen, they damage the skin. Skin also suffers a natural damage with increasing age. As you become older, the collagen production reduces in the body cells. Collagen is a common body protein that adds firmness to the skin and repairs damaged skin tissue. Reduced collagen production takes strength away from the skin and causes it to sag and become wrinkled.

When red light is moved over wrinkled skin, it penetrates deep into the dermis layer and stimulates the collagen producing cells. The cells again begin to make collagen and the skin receives a boost. The healthy appearance is restored once again. To bring about an enhanced production of collagen red light therapy has now become a popular choice.

Red Light Therapy is delivered through special fluorescent tubes. These tubes emit red light of specific wave length minus the ultraviolet rays that cause skin damage. Using red light treatment daily for 15-20 minutes can bring about a vast improvement in the skin after a time period.

Uses of Red Light Therapy

As aforementioned, red light therapy is useful for treating different conditions. It has been found to be effective not only for age reverse process but also for various other purposes like

Acne Healing

With red light therapy acne treatment is also possible. Acne can affect the skin of a person of any age group. However, young adolescents are the ones who suffer from acne more than others. Exposure to red light reduces production of oil and sebum in the skin, agents responsible for rise of acne. Red Light Acne Therapy also helps in acne scar treatment. Acne light treatment therapy has also been found effective in curing redness caused by acne. Light therapy for acne treatment is fast becoming an option for many dermatologists across the world.

Treating Cuts and Strains

People suffering from cuts, strains or nerve damage can also be effectively treated with red light.

Sprains and Bone Injury

The treatment has also been found useful for curing sprains and inflammation in the muscle. The therapy is also effective for curing conditions like Fibromyalgia, Arthritis and Tendonitis.

Healing Wounds

The Red Light Therapy is also a good cure for open wounds.


Mini red light therapies can also bring about an improvement in the mood of a person with mild depression.

Sexual Dysfunction

Red light has been reported to have therapeutic effect on men and women with sexual dysfunction problems. It is known to stimulate production of ATP in the body which can help combat sexual problems.

Nervous Tics

Facial Red Light Therapy is also supposed to help in curing people suffering from nervous tics.

Improving Circulation

Used along with blue light, Red light can also improve blood circulation. People suffering from reduced blood flow in legs can get relief after blue red light therapy. Red and blue light therapy can also be used to treat several other conditions.

Red Light Therapy or Red LED light therapy is a painless and natural way of curing the skin. It is also a safe way of treatment. Naturally, you can find many dermatologists, beauty institutes and spas using Red LED lights for skin cure these days.

Red Light Skin Therapy Devices

There are also many personal devices available in the market to let people carry out red light therapy for skin from the comforts of their home. You can try these red light treatment devices for personal use.

Baby Quasar

red light skin therapy
Picture 1 – Red light Therapy
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Though a little expensive it is one of the best red light treatment devices available in the market. It helps in acne healing and anti-ageing. It is a product of Quasar Light Therapy.

Evis MD Platinum Red Light Therapy Anti-Aging Device

Manufactured by the creators of Marvel Mini devices, it offers deep penetrating light therapy to the skin. It is excellent for treating anti-aging skin problems. There is also an Evis MD Platinum Blue device for treating acne conditions.

Omnilux New-U

This effective device has been brought out by Omnilux, the top manufacturer of light therapy equipments for professionals in the world. It is used for anti-aging. There is also an Omnilux Clear-U device that provides both blue and red light skin therapy and treats acne problems.

Is Red Light Therapy Safe?

Red Light Therapy produces very little side effects which are generally controllable. However, some people may have photosensitive skin conditions or eyes susceptible to Phototoxicity. Using light therapies can be harmful for such people. Patients using medicines like Chloroquine or Methotrexate can also suffer some problems. It is best to consult an expert physician or dermatologist before you use Red Light Therapy devices at home. The treatment should also be ideally conducted by an expert medical professional.

red light therapy pictures
Picture 2 – Red Light Therapy
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Red Light Therapy is not only useful for treating skin problems. It is also great for reducing skin blemishes and improving skin tone giving it a better appearance. The fact that the method is painless and completely natural works to its favor and the reason why it is being recommended by skin experts all over the world. If you are suffering from skin ailments or any other aforementioned physical abnormality and do not have Phototoxicity, you can consult an experienced dermatologist and safely undergo Red Light Therapy.


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