Smiley Piercing – Pictures, Pain, Aftercare, Infection and Healing Time

Thinking of going hip with a smiley piercing? Know all about Smiley Piercing – how it is done, its aftercare and all other information before you actually go for it.

What is a Smiley Piercing?

photos of Smiley Piercing
Picture 1 – Smiley Piercing
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Smiley Piercing is the process of making a perforation over or under the upper or lower lip for the purpose of wearing a piece of jewellery.

Smiley Piercing owes its name to the fact that the incision is visible when the person having it smiles. A Smiley Piercing is also known as ‘Oral Piercing’ and the perforation is known as scrumper.

Smiley Piercing Information

A Smiley Piercing can be easily hidden. This is one of the main reasons of its popularity. It remains invisible when the lips remain closed.

When Smiley Piercing is carried out on the upper lip, the perforation is made through the frenulum or a small tissue fold of the lip. The frenulum is placed in the middle of the inner side of the upper lip. It is attached to the gum by a thin layer of skin.

The frenulum connects the lips with the gum and acts as a source of support. This is the reason why a piercing is done in the frenulum.

How is Smiley Piercing Done?

Smiley Piercing is generally done in body piercing studios. You need to fix an appointment with a good body piercing studio in your locality. Try to know from your friends if the place is clean and all safety standards are maintained while perforation. You may also look up for information on the internet to find a good studio and know whether it offers satisfactory services.

Turn up on the exact hour. You have to sign a form expressing your consent about undergoing the piercing. You may also have to furnish an ID proof. Thereafter, you will be led to an inner chamber where the piercing is done.

The piercer will ask you to rinse your oral cavity with a mouthwash. Mouthwash is generally a part of a piercer’s Smiley Piercing kit and you will be provided with it. Rinsing will clean the inner part of your mouth and make it free from any germs and foreign particles that may affect the piercing.

Then the piercer will insert a needle through the frenulum of your upper lip. A piece of jewellery will be passed through the frenulum and fastened to secure in place.

The process involves only a little bleeding. Once the perforation is done, a piercer removes all traces of blood very carefully.

Smiley Piercing Pain

Does the Smiley Piercing hurt? The answer is yes and no. Most people who have undergone an Oral Piercing say that they experienced little pain during perforation. But you can experience pain in the days after the piercing session. If it hurts too much, you may try some over-the-counter painkillers and consult a doctor in absence of any improvement.

Smiley Piercing Jewelry

Smiley Piercing jewelry is generally a barbell or a captive bead ring. A captive bead ring is more preferable than a barbell as it sits more comfortably in the top lip without too much movement. The jewelry depends on your choice but you should ideally try out a smaller piece to avoid cases of Smiley Piercing rejection or Smiley Piercing migration. Choose steel or gold jewelries that are non-oxidizing and non-allergic.

Copper rings and Titanium Smiley Piercing barbells are also available. You may use them if you do not have a history of allergy or irritation from these substances.

Smiley Piercing Gauge

The Smiley Piercing Gauge is usually 14g, 16g or 18g. However, it is for the piercer to decide which gauge is the safest for you.

Smiley Piercing Migration

Smiley Piercing Migration is a very common problem for people who undergo perforation in the upper lip frenulum. In such cases, the perforation moves or migrates from its original position. It is usually a result of improper piercing.

Smiley Piercing Rejection

In this case, the skin pushes the jewellery out of its surface. The jewellery slips out of the hole and falls on its own. This is mostly seen when bigger jewelleries are used.

Smiley Piercing Risks

In Smiley Piercing, the jewelry remains inside the lip and constantly brushes against the teeth. This can cause Smiley Piercing teeth damage. The tooth can wear away due to constant friction with the jewelry.

In some people the frenulum is quite thin. A thin frenulum can result in migration of the jewelry.

Choosing bigger jewellery can bruise the skin and tear the frenulum. Large jewelries can erode the teeth, severely damage the frenulum and leave permanent scars on the gum.

Activities like brushing and eating have to be done very carefully for months after Smiley Piercing. Harsh use of the mouth can cause injuries.

Unhygienic habits can lead to infection by micro organisms. Absence of proper aftercare can result in bacterial or viral infection of the pierced area.

Smiley Piercing Aftercare

Proper aftercare is always necessary after a body piercing session. Absence of regular cleaning and care can invite infections and injuries to the recently pierced area. This can be very painful and discomforting for the person. Rather than altering the appearance in a fashionable way, it can lead to permanent scars that can disfigure the person for life.

Here are some ways to look after a pierced lip.

Rinse Mouth with Salt Water

Smiley Piercing care generally involves saline mouthwash. Salt water mouthwash is very effective in preventing any cases of bacterial infection. Mix a tsp of salt into a glass of warm water. Rinse your mouth with this solution daily for five minutes in the morning and five minutes in the evening.

Brush Lightly

Once you have got your lip pierced, it is necessary to brush your teeth very carefully. Take care that you do not brush over your piercing. This may greatly damage your lips and injure your mouth. It may also result in tearing of the frenulum.

Avoid Spicy Foods

It is better to exclude spicy dishes from your diet for sometime after piercing. Having spicy foods before the pierced area heals can cause irritation and inflammation of the lip.

Avoid Plaque Formation

Brush the area around the jewelry in your mouth to prevent formation of plaques.

Do Not Tamper

Once you have got the jewelry fixed on your mouth, do not play with it. This can injure the area and increase chances of infection. Smiley Piercing swelling can also occur.

Smiley Piercing Infection

Lack of proper care and cleaning after Smiley Piercing can result in oral infection. An infectious case can cause symptoms like bleeding, inflammation and pain. In worse cases, pus-filled abscesses may also arise on the inside of the lips. These are the direct result of a Smiley Piercing gone wrong. A Smiley Piercing Infection needs immediate medical treatment by an experienced medical professional.

Carrying out perforation with little relevant experience can result in Smiley Piercing dangers like infection and injury. If you are not too experienced to perform the procedure it is best not to try Smiley Piercing at home. A Smiley Piercing DIY (Do It Yourself) session can leave you with serious dental and gum damage.

Smiley Piercing Healing Time

Most people take 1-2 months to heal after a Smiley Piercing session. But Smiley Piercing healing period can be longer in the absence of good aftercare. The Smiley Piercing pain stays for 3-4 weeks and gradually subsides after this period.

Smiley Piercing Cost

Smiley Piercing price is approximately around 25 pounds in reputed body piercing studios.

Smiley Piercing Pictures

Want to know how a pierced smiley looks like. Check out these Smiley Piercing pics. These Smiley Piercing images will give you an idea about the appearance of lips after perforation.

Smiley Piercing images
Picture 2 – Smiley Piercing Image
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pictures of Smiley Piercing
Picture 3 – Smiley Piercing Photo
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A Smiley Piercing experience is supposed to be a pleasurable one and one that leaves you with a sparkling smile. Take care that you keep it that way and do not ruin the experience with a bad studio and improper care.



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