Boils on Buttocks – Causes, Pictures, Treatment and Home Remedies

Having a nagging pain in your butt while sitting? Probably you are having pain while walking too? You may be suffering from boils on buttocks. Read on to know all about buttock boils, their symptoms, causes and treatment.

What is a Boil?

Boil on buttocks photos
Picture 1 – Boil on Buttocks
Source – wrinkle-free-skin-tips

A boil is a skin abscess. It appears as a pimple without the head. It is normally red in color in the initial stages. When it gets filled with pus, it looks like a lump. A white spot appears at its head and it soon bursts, releasing the pus contained within it.

About 20% of the population are said to have boils at some time of their life.

Boil on Buttocks

Remove your trousers and look at your butt. Do you see a red eruption on the skin? This is nothing but a boil. Boils on buttocks are one of the most annoying and discomforting conditions that create problems in daily life. The most obvious problem that boils on buttocks causes is in sitting. Sitting on a hard surface becomes a major problem for sufferers of this condition.

In the early stages, sufferers normally notice redness in the affected area. The skin region becomes tender and causes a little pain when touched. The patient experiences minor discomfort while sitting. A few people also suffer from itchiness in the affected region.

Pain usually arises after one or two days. This happens as the boil becomes filled with more and more pus. The boil gets bigger in size and turns into a lump. It looks more reddish in appearance.

When the boil grows to a considerable size, it is ready to release pus. A white or yellow spot appears at the head of the bump.   This indicates it is ready to burst anytime soon. Walking is affected in such cases.

In the final stage, which comes after a day or two, the boil bursts draining the pus contained inside it. The pain and discomfort goes away almost immediately. The spot takes 1-2 days to heal properly.

In some cases, people suffer from multiple boils. This can give rise to fever or lymph node inflammation. Boils may also keep recurring in case of complicated conditions like Chronic Furunculosis.

Boils on Buttocks in Children

One can often find boils on buttocks in toddlers and young children. This is usually caused by an infection by the bacteria Staphylococcus Aureus. The boil usually starts as a small nodule which grows larger every day. The affected skin turns dry and rough. This can cause problems like itching and irritation.

What Causes Boils on Buttocks?

Boils on buttocks can appear due to various reasons. Some of the major causes of this condition are

Ingrown Hair

In-growing hair is the most common cause behind the appearance of boils on buttocks. This is caused by an abnormal hair growth. In such cases, the hair grows inwards instead of projecting outwards and enters the same hair follicle it was supposed to sprout from. This blocks the follicle and results in a skin inflammation. The boil appears as a result.

Sweat Gland Obstruction

Sometimes, sweat and dirt block the Sudoriferous glands (sweat glands) leading to boil formation. The clogging of the sweat glands gives rise to a swelling of the skin. It develops into a boil and causes much pain. The boils may continue to come and go away.

Obstruction of sweat glands is another of the main causes of boils on buttocks.

Skin Trauma

Boils may result from an injury or trauma to the skin. This occurs if the person accidentally sits on a sharp object. The pointed object may pierce the skin and get stuck inside. Such foreign objects normally carry germs with them and cause an infection to the skin.

Skin Bruises

Boils may also develop if the skin suffers a bruise. A cut or bruise in the skin makes the region vulnerable to bacterial infection. An infection leads to a large boil on the skin and causes unbearable pain.

Boils on buttocks Treatment

The pain and acute discomfort makes a suffering person look desperately for ways on how to treat a boil on buttocks. Boils on the buttocks do not give rise to serious complications. Small boils that go away within a day or two need no treatment. However, large-sized boils that cause much pain to the sufferer need immediate medical treatment. Multiple boils that cause fever also require professional medical cure.

pictures of Boil on buttocks
Picture 2 – Boils of Buttocks
Source – nativeremedies

In case of an infection due to boils on buttocks antibiotics may be prescribed by doctors. A minor surgery may also be carried out to drain the pus. An experienced physician uses a small blade to cut the boil and draining the pus, thereby curing the infection.

How to Treat Boils on Buttocks at Home?

Medicines and surgeries are not the only way to cure buttock boils. For a proper treatment of boils on buttocks home remedies can also be used. Here are some ways that will help you know how to get rid of boils on buttocks at home.

Heat Therapy

Applying heat is found to be one of the best ways for treatment for boils on buttocks. Heat application over the boils improves blood supply to the region. More white blood cells come to the infected area to fight off the infection. A head is soon formed over the boil and the pus soon drains out. You can apply heat by pressing a warm cloth softly over the boil or sit in a bathtub filled with hot water.

Applying Cumin Paste

Ground a few cumin seeds and pour them into a cup filled with 1/4th with water. Mix the seeds with water to form a paste. Apply this on the boil for several times. This will help to completely heal the boil.

Onion or Garlic Juice Application

Apply onion or garlic juice on the boil. This will soon give rise to a head over the boil. The boil will
pop naturally draining the pus accumulated inside it.

Turmeric Powder Application

Applying turmeric powder over the boil will also make it develop a head sooner. The pus will drain quickly and heal the boil faster.

Applying Castor Bark Paste

Grind a small amount of castor bark. Mix it with a little water. Apply the castor paste on the boil. This helps boils heal quickly.

Needle Incision

If you find a boil or abscess on buttocks, never squeeze or pinch it as you can get septic. Once a white head is visible over the boil, you can sterilize a needle and use it to gently prick the boil. The pus will drain out. Once the entire accumulated pus comes out, you should apply antiseptic cream over the boil. This will prevent an infection.

Recurring Boils on Buttocks

Boils may sometimes go away by themselves only to recur again after some time. This happens due to several causes like

Blocked Sweat Glands

As aforementioned, an obstruction of sweat glands can lead to recurring boils. Many people who sweat excessively are seen to suffer from boils for this reason.

Low Immunity

People with a weak immune system are more prone to bacterial infections, which is a reason for boil formation.


The skin disease Eczema also causes boils. Those who suffer from eczema suffer from a swelling in skin. If there is an inflammation of the posterior skin boils on buttocks can appear.

Boils on Buttocks Pictures

Not sure how boils on the buttocks look like? If you are not suffering from the condition yourself, it will be a little hard for you to know about the appearance of the boils. Here are some pictures of boils on buttocks that will help you know how the disease looks like.

Boils on buttocks pics
Picture 3 – Boils on Buttocks Photo
Source – healthhype

images of Boils on buttocks
Picture 4 – Boil on Buttocks Picture
Source – christinas-home-remedies

If you are suffering from boils on buttocks, you can try the home remedies to improve the condition. But in case of acute pain and large inflammation, medical treatment should be immediately sought.


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