Eye Twitching – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment and Remedies

Eye Twitching and headaches are a common complaint for many people. If you are suffering from a twitch in eye, read on to know all about eye nerve twitching and what causes eye to twitch.

Twitching Eye

Why is my Eye Twitching? What causes eye to twitch? Time and again, you complain “my eye is twitching “. It makes you wonder “why do eyes twitch”. Many people complain that their eye keeps twitching uncontrollably from time to time. This involuntary Eye Twitching is known as “Blepharospasm” or “Myokymia”. The condition mainly affects the lower eyelid although the upper lid may also suffer from twitches.

Twitching eye lid is usually harmless and goes away naturally. In some cases, however, they may be a sign of serious neurological conditions like Hemifacial spasm and Blepharospasm. Nervous eye twitches are not very common but if they appear at all, they should be immediately treated.

Eye Twitching Causes

What causes Eye Twitching? What does it mean when your eye twitches?What causes your eye to twitch is actually a question that depends on a number of factors. There are many eye twitching superstitions but rationally speaking, there are physical factors as well as some neurological reasons that cause this syndrome. Here are some of the major causes of eye twitch :


Tiredness or lack of sleep commonly triggers twitching of eye in many people. There can be left eye twitching or right eye twitching.


Excessive physical stress is also held as one of the main eye twitch causes. Stress can give rise to muscular spasms in various parts of the body including twitching eyebrow.

Eye Strain

If you have been using your eyes too long without rest, it may lead to vision-related stress. Eye strain is one of the major Myokymia causes in computer professionals.


Increased intake of beverages like coffee or alcohol is frequently held as a reason why eye keeps twitching in many people.

Dry Eyes

Dry eyes are a common factor behind the appearance of twitching eye muscle. Dryness of eyes can occur due to ageing, working for long hours before computers, wearing contact lenses and taking drugs like antidepressants and antihistamines.

Defective Nutrition

Nutritional imbalance is also held as one of the causes for eye twitching. Lack of certain minerals in your diet, such as magnesium, can also lead to spasms in the eye. In many people suffering from Eye Twitching vitamin deficiency has also been identified as a factor.


Worries and anxiety often trigger physical reactions which may also include twitching eye muscle.

Eye Allergies

Allergies can also be one of the most important eye twitching causes. Allergies can cause swelling and itching of the eyes. Rubbing eyes releases histamine into the tissues of the eye lids causing watering of the eyes and also eye twitching.

Mood Disorders

Temper problems are also a prominent cause for Eye muscle twitch. It is a factor that commonly leads to eye twitching in children.


This disorder of the CNS (Central Nervous System) can also be a reason for eye twitching in many people.

Eye Twitching Symptoms

Eye Twitching is not a disease in itself. Rather, it is a symptom of some other disorder. In many cases, it is accompanied with a number of other symptoms. Some of these symptoms Eye Twitching patients suffer from include :

Constant Eye Twitching

Eye keeps twitching constantly in many people. Such persistent twitches in eye may last for some days and go away without any treatment. In chronic cases, they may last a lifetime and require medications to be treated. These constant spasms may be a result of diseases like Benign Essential Blepharospasm. It is more common in middle-aged women.

Hemifacial Spasm

It is a kind of eyelid spasm which usually causes twitching only in one eye. It is associated with twitching in other parts of the face as well.

Blurry Vision

Eye twitching can also be accompanied with blurring of vision in people suffering from eye strain.

Sore Eyes

People suffering from eye strain often suffer from soreness in their eyes.


People with chronic eye strain often complaint of headaches along with eyes twitching.

Difficulty in focusing Eyes

Chronic eye strain sufferers have difficulty in focusing their eyes on a particular object for too long.

Tourette ’s Syndrome

In rare cases, eye twitches may be a result of some other condition like Tourette ’s syndrome.This neurological condition not only leads to twitches in eye but nervous spasms in face and other parts of the body as well.

eye twitching symptom
Picture 1 – Symptom of Eye Twitching
Source – ntiasiapacific

Eye Twitching Treatment (Myokymia)

If you want Eye Twitching cure, you can either opt for medical treatment or home remedies. The cure depends on the nature and intensity of the symptoms. Most of us find the muscle under eye twitching and it usually goes away after a good sleep or rest. But eye twitches caused by some disease can be cured only by a proper treatment of the condition.

Botox (Botulinum toxin) injections are often used to treat eye twitches in chronic conditions like Hemifacial Spasm or Blepharospasm.

Doctors may administer drugs to provide relief to patients suffering from twitches due to stress.

People suffering from the condition due to improper contact lenses can go for a lens correction. There are bifocal contact lenses built of material that are appropriate for people with dry eyes.

Eye Twitching Remedies

Doctors normally advise dietary changes to cure the twitching. This involves adding more magnesium chloride into the diet. People suffering from eye twitches due to magnesium absence can be treated by this dietary modification.

Common cases of eye twitching usually disappear after several hours of good sleep. Sleep provides rest to the eye and relaxes the body system. This also cures blurred vision in many people.

Reducing intake of beverages like alcohol and coffee can also reduce your eye twitches.

People suffering from eye twitching due to stress can join a support group that specialises in stress management.

Hope you have read enough to know why does the eye twitch? If you are suffering from twitches and other associated eye problems diagnosis is immediately advisable. Your pair of eyes is one of the most valuable assets in your body. Any problem arising in it should therefore be treated as immediately as possible.







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