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What is Iliac Crest?

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Picture 1 – Iliac Crest
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Iliac Crest is the arched natural elevation over the pelvic bone. It acts as the main hip bone. It is the biggest of the three bones in the pelvis.

Iliac Crest is pronounced as “Il-ee-aak Cray-st”.

Where Is The Iliac Crest Found?

This bone crest actually lies below the rib cage. It can be felt by putting your hand at your lower rib bones and moving it down the abdomen to the front of the pelvic region.

Iliac Crest Anatomy

The Iliac Crest stretches to the PSIS (Posterior Superior Iliac Spine) from the ASIS (Anterior Superior Iliac Spine). It separates behind the ASIS into an inner and outer fold divided by the middle space. The outer fold protrudes sideways into the Iliac Tubercle.

Iliac Crest Apophysitis

This is a medical syndrome that leads to pain and swelling in parts of the Iliac Crest. The disease is a little known cause of pain in the pelvis and lower back in children. It is generally an increase in repeated lower abdominal muscle contraction that results in swelling, pain and local tenderness in the Iliac Crest area.

The condition mainly affects adolescent baseball players and athletes. It goes away as the affected person reaches maturity. The disease goes away when boys reach the age of 16-18. In girls, the closure of Iliac Crest Apophysitis occurs between the ages 14-18.

The disease is usually self-limiting and shows good response to relative test. Mild pain and inflammation can be treated by following some Iliac Crest exercises. The Iliac Crest workouts involve therapeutic stretching that aims at strengthening the hip and abdominal muscles. If the patient is a runner, treatment of Iliac Crest Apophysis injury may include modifying his or her way of running.

Iliac Crest Bone Graft Harvest Technique

This is a complicated surgical process that is used in orthopaedic reconstructive treatment. The Iliac Crest is a common region to harvest cortical or cancellous bone graft. Hence, autologous bone grafts are gathered from the iliac bony crest in this reconstructive surgery and used to promote healing of bones in fractures or to lend physical support for the operation.

Unless properly carried out, Iliac Crest bone grafting can lead to a few complications. Some of the major Iliac Crest graft complications are

  • Pain at the site of operation
  • Arterial and nerve injury
  • Sacroiliac joint imbalance
  • Abdominal herniation
  • False superior gluteal arterial aneurysms
  • Peritoneal perforation

Operative stress from Iliac Crest Graft method can also result in fractures of the Ilium. However, it is only in rare cases that Iliac Crest bone graft technique leads to a fracture of the Iliac Wing.

Iliac Crest Bone Graft Pain

Iliac Crest Bone Harvest may leave a permanent pain at the operative site. In most cases, the pain does not last always but the operative area becomes sore now and then. Pain usually subsides with time and the subsequent weeks after surgery generally reduces the post-operative ache. However, Iliac Crest hurts more in cases of workmen who indulge in a lot of physical activity than in people who are usually occupied in non-physically demanding professions.

Iliac Crest Body Fat

The Iliac Crest skinfold is one of the commonest regions used to assess the amount of body fat in athletes. The top of the hip bone or the area just above the crest is checked for body fat examination. The arm adjacent to the crest should be kept away from the body to help in measuring Iliac Crest waist circumference. The skin is pinched to measure the amount of Iliac Crest fat.

Iliac Crest Biopsy

The Iliac Crest is one of the commonest sites for bone biopsies. Part of this reason lies in the fact that Iliac Crest Biopsy is one of the safest biopsies and is associated with very few cases of morbidity. The test is generally carried out to reveal skeletal irregularities in chronic kidney disorders. Iliac Crest Biopsy is regarded as a very effective diagnostic tool.

Iliac Crest Needle Biopsy

Iliac Crest Needle Biopsy, known as ICNB in short, is used during diagnosis of breast cancer. This biopsy is used to measure estrogen receptors in bone metastases in patients of bone cancer.

Iliac Crest Contusion

This refers to an injury at the Iliac Crest. A contusion in the Iliac Crest can result in various complications such as Hip Pointer Syndrome in which the hip gets severely bruised.

Iliac Crest Contusion Symptoms

Symptoms may include tenderness in the area, pain, difficulties in walking and even Iliac Crest inflammation in some cases. Iliac crest contusion hip pointer often arises when a severe stretch injures the area and leads to a rupture of the muscular fiber insertions present at the Iliac Crest.

Iliac Crest Contusion Diagnosis

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) scans, CT (Computerized Tomography) scans and Ultrasound scanning tests are helpful in revealing an Iliac Crest Contusion and measuring the extent of injury. In people having a history of contusions, blood coagulation studies and a CBC (Complete Blood Count) may help in diagnosis.

Iliac Crest Contusion Treatment

In mild cases of Iliac crest contusion treatment involves rest, ice application and protecting the injured area with an elastic wrap. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAID), Aspirins and analgesics can help reduce inflammation and pain at the site of injury. Acute cases of contusions may require surgical cure.

Iliac Crest Cancer

A large amount of red bone marrow is present in the Iliac Crest. Naturally, a lot of bone marrow conditions such as Osteomyelitis and cancer may affect this bony area. CT scans may help reveal the presence of cancerous growths on this crest. The symptoms of Iliac Crest Cancer include pain, inflammation and difficulties in movement. Pain may be mild in the initial period but can increase in the later stages of the disease. This is a serious condition and requires immediate medical attention.

Iliac Crest Disease Conditions

Some of the main disorders affecting Iliac Crest involve Arthritis, Osteomyelitis, Trauma, Cancer, Fracture and Inflammation. As aforesaid, Iliac Crest contains bone marrow and is this prone to diseases like Leukemia, Cancer. There can also be other conditions Iliac Nodular disorder and Iliac Crest Hydatid disease.

Iliac Crest X Rays

Diverse complications in Iliac Crests can be revealed with the aid of X Rays. X Ray examination helps diagnose abnormalities like Iliac Crest Fractures and Pubic Symphysis. X Rays are also useful during iliac crest graft harvest surgeries.

Iliac Crest Transplant

It is a common medical practice to use pieces of bone from the pelvis to reconstruct other areas in the body. Till recently, jaw operations used Iliac Crest bones. The availability of good bone replacements has made operations easier and successful without bones from the Ilium.

Iliac Crest Stress Fracture

In some cases, there can be a fracture in the Iliac Crest bone. An Ilium fracture may occur due to excessive running. Improper running technique may put excessive stress on the hip region and injure the area. Bone Graft Harvesting may also lead to anterior or posterior fracture of the iliac crest due to operative stress.

Iliac Crest Osteomyelitis

Osteomyelitis of the Iliac Crest is a very rare condition. It usually arises after a perforation of the Appendicitis, though in rare circumstances. The complication is generally cured with the aid of physiotherapy and intravenous antibiotics of broad-spectrum. As it is a rare disease, the disease is not diagnosed or treated in time.

Iliac Crest Removal

Removal of a part of Ilium becomes necessary if removing cancellous bone grafts become necessary. Removing an Iliac Crest section makes cancellous bone graft removal much easier and is highly regarded by medical surgeons.

Iliac Crest Tuberosity

Iliac Tuberosity is an elevation of the Posterior Iliac Crest. The posterior sacroiliac ligaments are connected to this. The Multifidus muscles and the Erector Spinae arise from this structure.

Iliac Crest Pictures

Want to know how the Iliac Crest looks like? Here are some Iliac Crest images that you may find useful. Take a look at these Iliac Crest diagrams to get an idea about the physical appearance of this bony structure.

pictures of Iliac Crest
Picture 2 – Iliac Crest Image
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photos of Iliac Crest
Picture 3 – Iliac Crest Photo
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