Industrial (Scaffold) Piercing – Pictures, Jewelry, Infection, Healing and Aftercare

Thinking of going for a Scaffold(Industrial) Piercing? Read on and know where and how you should get a Scaffold Piercing done before you really go out to get one.

What Is An Industrial (Scaffold) Piercing?

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Scaffold Piercing is a special kind of body piercing that is usually carried out on the upper ear cartilage. It involves carrying out two perforations, one near the head and the other down the cartilage.

Scaffold Piercing is also known as ‘Construction Piercing’. In North America, it is also referred to as ‘Industrial Piercing’.

How Is An Industrial Piercing Done?

Want to know how is a scaffold piercing done? An Industrial Piercing should best be carried out from a reputed piercing parlor. Try to find out if there is a good one in your locality. If you have the time, you should visit it personally to check the quality of services. Once you are satisfied, you can fix up an appointment.

Show up on the exact day at the right hour. This will help you get the complete attention of a professional piercer. You may be needed to show the piercer an identity proof. Make sure that you carry one.

The piercer will hand you over a consent form to sign. Once you are done with the paperwork, the piercer will ask you where to carry out the piercing. Show the spot where you want it to be done. Industrial Piercing is generally carried out on the upper ear cartilage.

You will be asked to choose a piece of jewelry in case you do not already have one with you. Ask the piercer about the best type of anchor for you. Also share any past experiences of allergy and irritation that you may have had from using a particular kind of jewelry.

The piercer will mark the entry and exit spots of the needle on your ear and sterilize them with an antiseptic solution. Piercing begins once the liquid dries.

The piercer will use a sterilized needle to carry out a double perforation on your ear. The anchor will be immediately inserted into the Industrial Piercing holes. The pierced spots will again be cleaned to avoid infection and remove all traces of blood.

Following perforation, the piercer will provide you with aftercare instructions. The directions may be given orally or handed over in the form of a leaflet.

Industrial Piercing Prices & Cost

The price for industrial piercing varies depending on where you get it from. Industrial piercing price is more in a reputed piercing parlor. Freelancers will charge you less but the quality of piercing and the safety standards are not exactly satisfying.

On an average, Industrial Piercing costs around $40. The jewelry usually costs $15-20 alone. But it can cost you more.

Industrial Piercing Jewelry

Industrial Piercing jewelry is usually a barbell. A barbell comes in different shapes, sizes and metals. Barbell jewelries made of surgical steel and titanium are considered to be the best choice for an Industrial Piercing. These Scaffold Piercing bars are less likely to cause problems like irritation or infection. Many go for Scaffold Ear Piercing bars containing studs of varied colors. These are twisted, spiraled and middle-finger shaped jewelries that you can choose from.

Industrial Piercing Gauge

Industrial Piercing gauge size is usually 14 g. A hollow 14 g needle is typically used to carry out a perforation of this type.

Scaffold Piercing Aftercare

Industrial Piercing aftercare generally involves one or more of these steps.

Salt Water Washes

This is one of the most standard aftercare methods for any type of body piercing. Mix ½ tsp of natural, non-iodized sea salt into a cup of clear, lukewarm water. Soak a small cotton swab with a small amount of this solution and press on the pierced spot. Rub gently to clean the area. Repeat the process with another clean swab. The session should last for 5-6 minutes, once in the morning and once in the evening daily for at least a month after piercing.

Antibacterial Wash

Regularly wash the perforated spot with a mild antibacterial soap. Do not use a strong soap or peroxide on the area as you may suffer from irritation.

Avoid Injuries

Try to avoid injuring the area for at least a month after the piercing. Also avoid playing with the jewelry in the pierced spot. This may make the wound active once again and result in problems like infection, rejection and migration.

Avoid Germs

Do not touch the region with unclean hands. This will transmit dirt and germs to the spot from your fingers and give rise to bacterial infection.

Scaffold (Industrial) Piercing Healing Time

In case of Industrial Piercing healing time usually ranges from six months to one year. But it may take longer in case of an absence of proper Scaffold Piercing care. Lack of industrial piercing care can give rise to infection or rejection which may delay the healing process significantly.

Industrial Piercing Risks

A scaffold piercing gone wrong can give rise to a number of complications. Prominent among these are

Industrial Piercing Infection

An infected perforated ear can give rise to Industrial Piercing swelling. The Industrial Piercing bumps are swollen and highly painful. In later stages, Scaffold Piercing bumps turn into inflamed cysts releasing pus from time to time. In severe cases of Scaffold Piercing bleeding can also occur.

Industrial Piercing Rejection

A rejection in a pierced spot is usually a result of using an anchor containing a metal incompatible for the skin. This gives rise to rejection in the area and makes the body push the jewelry perceiving it to be a foreign object. The anchor ultimately falls away leaving an Industrial Piercing scar in the pierced area.

The problem also arises when people tug at and play with the anchors inserted on the pierced surface.

Industrial Piercing Migration

In some people, the pierced spot shifts from its original position and settles somewhere else on the skin taking the anchor along with it. This is known as migration.

Industrial Piercing Pictures

Want to know how you will look with an Industrial Piercing? Check out these Industrial (Scaffold) Piercing photos to get an idea.

pictures of Industrial Piercing
Picture 2 – Industrial Piercing Image
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Scaffold Piercing pictures
Picture 3 – Scaffold Piercing
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If you are keen about getting an Industrial Piercing, you should try out a good parlor that is reputed for providing safe and quality services. There are lots of cheaper options available though you have fewer assurances of safety. So it is better that you go for a reputed piercing studio. Even if you have to fork out a few more bucks, you can be more or less assured about getting safe services.


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