Spider Bites Piercing – Pictures, Information, Jewelry and Aftercare

So you have decided to pierce your lips and give yourself a spidery appearance? Before you really go for a Spider Bites Piercing, it is important that you check where you should get it from and how to get it done safely. There are also some Spider Bites Lip Piercing pictures that can give you an idea about the process.

What Are Spider Bites Piercings?

Spider Bites Piercing photos
Picture 1 – Spider Bites Piercing
Source – tfster

Spider Bites Piercings are piercings or perforations made on the lips of a person to let him or her wear a piece of jewelry. It is better known as ‘Double Lip Piercing’ which indicates that two perforations are made on the lip, either the upper or the lower one, to enable wearing jewelry.

Spider Bites Piercing Information

If you are interested in getting a double Spider Bites Piercing, you should look for a good professional piercing studio. There are lots of freelancers who can carry out a piercing, but not as safely and professionally as is done in a studio. If any of your friends has done a Spider Bites Piercing from a studio, you can ask them if they were satisfied with the services. If they were, probably you will too. You can also visit any studio in your locality and fix up an appointment with it if you find the services satisfying.

Turn up on the exact time to avoid any rush. This will let you enjoy the full attention of a professional piercer.

Before the piercing begins, you will be handed over a consent form. You will have to sign this to express your approval about undergoing the process. You may also have to furnish an authentic identity proof. Do not forget to carry one.

The paperwork over, the piercer will brief you about the entire procedure. You will have to choose a piece of jewelry to wear on your lip. Ask your piercer which jewelry is best suited for you. Generally, a labret is used as an initial jewelry.

The actual process will then begin. The piercer will sterilize the spots that are to be pierced. The entry and exit points of the needle will also be marked with a surgical marker.

A clamp may or may not be used to hold the region steady. You will feel the surgical needle enter and exit through your flesh.

The pierced area will be thoroughly cleaned again to remove all traces of blood. The labrets will be inserted into the spots immediately after this.

The piercer will provide you with aftercare instructions or hand over a printed leaflet containing all necessary directions to look after your perforated region.

Does Spider Bites Piercing Hurt?

Spider Bites Piercing can hurt a bit as the surgical needle moves through the surface and passes through the tissues of the lip. How much it hurts actually depends on the amount of pain you can bear. If you have a low threshold for pain, this is not for you. Any type of body piercing involves some pain. This is the reason why Body Piercing is called a painful pleasure.

Spider Bites Piercing Aftercare

It is necessary to properly care after your lip after a Spider Bites Piercing session. Some effective ways to do this are

Salt Water Washes

Mix a teaspoon of sea salt into a glass containing 8 ounces of water. Soak a small cotton ball with a little amount of this solution and press it against your pierced spots. Throw it away after a minute and take a new one to repeat the process. You can get sea salt at any grocery store.

Perform the process at least twice daily, preferable in the morning and the evening. Each session should last for not less than 6 minutes.

Antibacterial Mouthwash

Use an antibacterial mouthwash such as Listerine every time after having a meal. This will keep your mouth clean and prevent infection.

Antibacterial Soap Wash

If crusts develop over the spots after perforation, you can use an antibacterial soap to wash them away. Remove the jewelries while you clean and put them back after the session is over.

Spider Bites Piercing Complications

Spider Bites Piercing complications can involve infection, rejection and migration. A badly done piercing can often lead to infection. In such cases, pus-filled vesicles arise over the pierced region. The whole area becomes red and inflamed. In later stages, yellow or green colored pus may ooze out of the swollen sacs.

An incompatible material in the jewelry can make the skin push it apart from the body surface. The jewelry eventually falls out leaving a scar in its place.

An injury to the recently pierced region can make the pierced region move from its actual location taking the jewelry along with it. This is often seen in Spider Bites Piercing on guys.

Spider Bites Piercing Price

A single session of Spider Bites Piercing can cost you anywhere between $25-45. The Spider Bites Piercing cost actually depends on where you get it from, taxes included on the session and the price of the jewelry you choose.

Spider Bites Piercing Jewelry

In case of Spider Bites Piercing jewelry usually consists of labret and rings. It is better to use a labret during the initial stages after piercing. You can try using Spider Bites Piercing rings some days later.

Tell your piercer about your skin condition even before the piercing session and ask him/her to suggest the jewelry with the right material for you. Using an ornament made of a substance incompatible with your skin is likely to cause infection that can cause serious discomforts and pain. It can also result in rejection and migration of the jewelry.

Pictures of Spider Bites Piercing

Want to know how you will look like after getting a Spider Bites Piercing? Here are some interesting pictures of Spider Bites Piercing. Take a look at these Spider Bites Piercing images to get an idea about the appearance of lips after having a double-perforation session.

pictures of Spider Bites Piercing
Picture 2 – Spider Bites Piercing Image
Source – imageshack.us

Spider Bite Piercing pictures
Picture 3 – Spider Bite Piercing
Source – flickr

If you are keen to get a Spider Bites Piercing, it is advisable that you get the services from a reputed body piercing studio. This may cost you a bit more but will let you enjoy the process and have it safely done. Safety is of prime importance in case of body piercing. It is recommended that you do not settle for a cheaper option and compromise your health in any way.








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