Hemarthrosis – Definition, Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Hemarthrosis Definition

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Hemarthrosis refers to the condition characterized by the bleeding into the joint spaces. Also referred to as haemarthrosis, it is commonly caused by the pain and swelling of a single or monoarticular joint due to an injury.

Types of Hemarthrosis

It can be of certain types such as acute hemarthrosis or traumatic hemarthrosis depending on the extent of bleeding that may occur in course of the disease.  Shoulder and knee hemarthrosis are usually the most common types classified on the basis of the area of occurrence. Ankles may also be affected by hemarthrosis.

Symptoms of Hemarthrosis

Hemarthrosis symptoms are bleeding from the joint spaces which may belong to the knees, the ankles or the shoulder. However, the symptoms for acute or traumatic hemarthrosis may be more serious. Such cases may lead to severe complications if left untreated for long.

Hemarthrosis Causes

The causes of hemarthrosis may extend from trauma to even neurological problems or bleeding disorders depending on the extent of injury and the area affected by it. Patients already suffering from disorders related to profuse bleeding or blood clot problems are most vulnerable to hemarthrosis hemorrhage or heamarthrosis hemophilia. The other causes of hemarthrosis may be neoplasm or tumors, knee joint anthroplasty, neuropathy, myelopathy, cartilage damage, vascular damage and osteoarthritis. All such factors may trigger spontaneous hemarthrosis.

Hemarthrosis Treatment

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The treatment for heamarthrosis depends on the cause that has been specifically detected by a proper diagnosis of the hemarthrosis symptoms and conditions. Recurrent hemarthrosis may disable the patient causing profuse loss of blood form the body. Such cases of bleeding may require several kinds of techniques such as the following :

  • Meniscectomy which involves the removal of the whole pr part of a torn meniscus. It is a kind of a common knee joint surgery.
  • Synovectomy is a method of treating hemarthrosis by conducting a surgery to remove a part of the inflamed synovial membrane or tissue of the joint that is usually responsible for hemarthrosis pain.
  • Hemarthrosis is also treated by the surgical operation of the bone involving its incision or transaction, a surgical method known as Osteotomy.
  • Besides the already mentioned techniques adopted for treating hemarthrosis, joint replacement and ablation (the surgical removal of a biological tissue) also prove effective for treating hemarthrosis.

One should go for such medical surgeries only after a consultation with an orthopedic surgeon or a specialist. The doctor shall assess the situation and then recommend ways to treat hemarthrosis. With a proper aid and advice and the adoption of suitable techniques, one can prevent the harmful effects of hemarthrosis which may be fatal.

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